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Yes. It depends on how much and how hard you train, and how persistent you are most of all. In the streets, you can definitely do it, because there are no rules and regulations. You just have to know how your opponent fights, that's all.

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Yes...real life isn't a movie or comic book
any person has the potential to beat any other person regardless of what they can do

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it's called a gun

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Karate/Judo are bull so yes.

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@Billy Batson said:

Karate/Judo are bull so yes.

Why must my childhood be so full of misinformation
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Sure, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. A Black Belt is evidence of skill, a lot of evidence, a lack of a Black Belt is not however evidence of absence of skill. So a self trained hermit who never cared for belts or interaction with people may pick one up (White) then stop caring or trying to progress within a group. Unless this is some sort of disguised racial discrimination thread.. in which case Rise Up and Shine!!!!!

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I've won a fight against a 7th degree black belt (Their place went up to 10 degrees, I haven't studied lots of martial arts so I wouldn't know much about how it works).

I distracted the guy with a smelly sock.

Got a nice shot the temple, got a takedown, and then put him in a rear- naked chokehold that I learned from a guy at a community center.

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Yes...real life isn't a movie or comic book 
any person has the potential to beat any other person regardless of what they can do

this..although it's kind of like comics...just look at how Batman can take down gods
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Kill the black belt in his/her sleep with the white belt. Easy peasy.

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Yes it is quite possible. Depending on the size and strength of the attacker a novice fighter could beat a black belt who was smaller/weaker than he was. Many martial arts focus on technique or the sports aspect of fighting. They focus on tournaments and competitions. I have a friend who studied Karate for many years and he is a second degree black belt. However, with only a few months of Krava Maga training I knew more kill moves and crippling movies than he did. In a real fight I totally believe that I would do better than he would just by the nature of what I was taught. Most mainstream martial arts are useless in a real fight.

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@Caligula said:
it's called a gun
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@OmegaDynasty: never seen that show, but it looks hilarious
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My cousin has been in martial arts for most his life, Karate, Judo, and something else. I kick his butt every time I see him. He always gets in these stupid forms and tries to utilize them as i destroy him lol 
......To be fair I do wrestle and box (two of the most practical fighting forms out there)

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I would say it is possible. I guess in the end all that matters is who is the best fighter not how many years you studied it for.

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Bruce Lee said that the only thing belts are good for is holding up your pants so I'm going to say yes its possible. Aside from that every one regardless of skill level can have an off day

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Of course, the White Belt could drop a piano on top of the Black Belt...

More seriously, some super buff guy who has taken other fighting lessons could have only just started, and the Black belt could be some small teenager who knows the strategic side.. and then he gets squashed... Unless he drops the piano on the Black Belt..

Yes a White belt can win.

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In a straight fight and the blackbelt is legit ( meaning he or she truly earned it) no.

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Anything is possible, although the actual plausibility would vary widely based on the conditions of the particular fight.

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It's called kick them in their nuts. Take it from the Huntress. ;)

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Wanna know a real life example?

I am a 2nd Degree (Nidan) Black belt of Kyokushin Kan Karate and have beaten and beaten by some of the people around my level (I may be your average black belt). I just got my a*s handed to me by a white belt who happen to be an experienced underground brawler.

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@OmegaDynasty said:

@Caligula said:

it's called a gun

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@Primmaster64 said:

@OmegaDynasty said:

@Caligula said:

it's called a gun


Full Metal Panic is so full of win.