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Through the show and comics I have come to the conclution Homer must have some Radiactive abilities. In one episode Homer's blood glows green during an X-ray before dye is enjected. In both the show and comic Homer is exposed to high amounts of radiation, but shows no sign of being affected other than glowing green. The last example I can think of is Homer has eaten plutonium and nuclear waste without any effect on him. What do you think? Can you show more examples?

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Well, there was that time he turned into the Hulk.

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Could be, I havent watched the Simpsons in a few years. I use to watch it alot. I never saw anything supernatural of the sort about him. Unless its something writers decided to add lately.

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Would not be surprised one bit if he is...

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@The Stegman: Oh, that is right. Totally forgot about that one.

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Homer Simpson is...

Nuclear Man!


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He probably is.

But it is a cartoon and isn't realistic.I know its not meant to be either.

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Maybe he is.

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He should be, everytime the theme song plays he has a radioactive green rod in the collar of his shirt :p

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I couldn't help but picture Homer Simpson in a Spider-Man outfit from reading this lol.

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@Samimista: If that happens Matt Groening owes me one. lol

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I understand that you are trying to justify getting the power associated with Homer, but this is not what the power means.  The power mean radiation control, not that he is radioactive.  Some like Firestar would have radiation control.  Also tagging pages with powers is a low point yield, if you wanted points for this, why not just write on to his page that he has been exposed to radiation over the years -  5pts>1pt.