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Whenever I look on youtube the demonstration looks so easy and joyful because the woman is smiling. So i dont know if she is legit or not.

I'm alone in the house with my baby brother tomorrow and I have never changed a diaper ever in my life. So if you are a mom or a dad, could you please tell what it feels like? So i can be prepared.

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I've changed quite a few of them in my life, and other than the smell at times it's just another task you need to do. Whether it is a baby, or an older person, you have to understand that if they could do it themselves I have no doubt they would want to. It's embarrassing having someone else have to wipe your butt and change your diaper (which is also embarrassing).

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@braxckloff: The better question would be "Why are you looking that up on YouTube?"

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As a father I have changed diapers that amount to at the very least high hundreds and it varies between abject horror and not so bad but its very rarely an actual joyful experience. Some people will say that the first diaper change might be a joyful experience, it is not. See for the first week infants produce this foul smelling crap that looks like tar and is sticky and gross. Eventually you get used to it and it just becomes a thing you need to do like laundry or dishes.

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No. Never. It is always the worst thing.

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Are you f**king serious?

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Some of these threads as of late, I swear.

No, nothing about changing a diaper is good other than when it is over and done with.

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Only case when it's not:

Then it's hilarious :)

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@mysterioususername: The diarrhea temper tantrum combo is a particularly horrible experience but generally its not some terrible task and not nearly as difficult as any TV show featuring a dude trying to change a diaper would have you believe

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@joshmightbe: I can never get over the smell personally. It's just, ugh. Yuck.

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@mysterioususername: When you have a kid there are lots of things you have to get used to that you may have believed you couldn't before hand.

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@joshmightbe: And that is why I probably won't have kids. :X

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@mysterioususername: Maybe you'll change your mind some day. Don't worry I'm not one of those people who decides that everyone should have kids after I got one. Some people clearly shouldn't have kids either for their own good or for the good of any potential kids they might have but if you do have a kid its not as bad as a lot of people who don't have kids think.

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I've done it several times, it's not as complicated as it seems and it's kinda cool in a fatherly way. (I'm not a dad though, I did it as training LOL)

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It's one of the reasons why I'm reluctant to have kids.

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LOL at this thread.

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@juiceboks: Its one of those things that absolutely no one is honest about in public, the parent groups and web sites try to act like its this great bonding experience while people who don't have kids act like its the most horrible thing ever but honest parents will admit its just a thing that needs to be done, its gross but not really complicated. Seriously if it takes you more than a minute and a half to figure out the process you probably shouldn't have had kids in the first place.

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@joshmightbe I realize it's not as bad as many childfree adults make it seem nor is it a wonderful experience(I've done it myself) but personally it's not something I can see my myself doing as a daily labor. My antipathy for such bodily emissions and severe laziness alone pretty much disqualifies me for being a potential parent.

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I can't imagine why it would be 'pleasant' at any rate....

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What the $#!% am I reading?

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@braxckloff: ITS GROSS OK BOTTOM LINE ITS GROSS but simple it just a take off lift wipe remove an put another one on

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I don't know. Why would you even consider the thought that wiping an infant's feces would be considered "pleasant."

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The caca-dookie and the stinky-stinky.

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It's as tense and dangerous as disarming a bomb.