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"Will NK finally are going to attack?"

I think you accidentally had two different sentences in your head and morphed them into one.

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Yes data shows they are planning to attack, but will they attack? we have to wait and see.

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Not unless they want to be turned into a radioactive wasteland. If they don't use nuclear weapons then the South Koreans would have them beat in under a month.

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More and more rhetoric.

Will they deploy a missile? Maybe. Will they claim it's a test? Maybe. Will there be a fall-out from this? Certainly.

I would usually criticize the media for blowing things out of proportion, but when it comes to North Korea, the more focus and attention on them the better. The regime there might be rolling with glee at this spotlight but it proves how gullible they are in terms of who they see as "allies".

Iran is who we should be watching. Syria as well. They care because they are making some good money sellng (and buying) weapons from North Korea.

Talk about the atrocities in the country, please. They have pulled out of the Armistice Agreement (as worthless as that was) and right now -- legally -- they are at war with South Korea. Come on UN -- watcha gonna go?

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^ I agree with the above post. Iran is more of a hot spot, and a war with Iran could seriously affect the world economy. North Korea would never have that kind of effect.

Also, some experts say that North Korea will eventually collapse because the conditions that North Korea is in are unsustainable.