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what injurys have you had and what was your worst ?

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Longitudinal hairline fracture of the tibia.

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i broke my leg in three places, then on another ocasion i almost broke my back.

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Well when i was 10 i was riding my bike and i saw some friends i waved at them and slowly went off to one side into this realy rocky wall it cut open a finger and ripped off two nail i didn't notice it until my hand felt cold and wet and when i looked down my hand was covered in blood.

and when i was 2 i was sitting on my parents bed fell off and smacked my head on a excercise bike.........twice in the same place making me look like frankenstein and i didn't cry.

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I believe this exact same thread has been done two other times before this. Just look there.

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Yeah, I posted in one about this already too.