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Greetings, fleshlings! Should I choose to initiate a war between the Lords of Chaos and the deities in favor of Order, would you choose to fight for me and my ilk or side with those despicable deities of justice, such as the Vishanti?

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I'd probably fight for whichever side seemed outnumbered. Given an even playing field, though, Chaos is more fun.

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This depends. My avatar have defeated you before, Shuma Gorath!

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Juggernaut stomps on your head.

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At first I said Order (Law) but in practice, would lean more towards the Balance.

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Order. Under my ultimate authority, of course.

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As Loki I should choose chaos (but in real life order).

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Order, I mean who would realistically choose Chaos?

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I probably would choose chaos.

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Great!  I chose the wining side.  Ice cream for everyone on the side of order!

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I choose chaos, because chaos is fair, it treats everyone equally.