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A single Star Destroyer (Imperial class II) with its complement of 72 Tie fighters vs 3 Mercury class Battlestars (Pegasus type).

Mercury class Battlestars are newer, more advanced, larger, and more powerful than the Galactica type battlestars. For those of you that have watched the TRS (the re imagined series) these are the same type of ship as the Battlestar Pegasus. Each has around 200 Viper Mk VII's, so with 3 a total of 600.

The Battlestars catch the Star Destroyer (it has it's shields up though), and launch most of their vipers as soon as they arrive while the Imperials man their stations.

Average Pilots on both sides

Win by destruction of all enemy ships

who wins?

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3 mercury class battlestars. Each is armed with it's own arsenal of nukes. Although non of them have shields, Pegasus has survived a nuclear blast and managed very well. It even took 3 Cylon basestars like a couple of minutes to destroy the Pegasus.

Vipers are not that durable but they are very maneuverable. Tie fighters lack this but have a far better weapon than slow missiles. Although Vipers have machine guns along with missiles. 600 should take care of about 50% of the Tie fighters though, give or take. Then the ships' defense systems can take care of the rest.

It's very close but the 3 mercury class battlestars are really good fighters.

And let's not forget the Raptors......They can carry a nuclear payload and are more durable than Vipers as they can handle atmosphere reentry. Each ship carries 50 so that is 150 Raptors in this battle.