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It seems like only a week I was blogging to y'all about my most recent meeting with major hitters at Marvel who were at a signing for a NOW event...oh wait a WAS a week ago! Alright alright, lame humor aside, I bring you all another wonderful adventure in my life of meeting famous comic book creators. This week at my LCS we had none other than Ed Brubaker on hand to sign copies of Fatale #10. But in addition, there were also present fledgling comic book creator Duffy Boudreau on behalf of the release of the first issue of his ongoing BlackAcre, and writer Kel Symons and letterer Pat Brosseau promoting the release of i Love Trouble #1.

Suffice it to say, it was quite the evening! The real target person to meet was no doubt Brubaker, who's writing is so awe inspiring and flowing that even the most discerning comic book enthusiast can't help but appreciate the man. I was there to not only have him sign my Fatale #10 copy, but also to have him sign my Batman: Gotham Noir graphic novel and my copies of Marvel Point One and Captain America #600. On top of having inspiring words to say about the profession of comic book writing, he also appeared to be quite humble in admitting he often had to fudge on historical facts and figures when doing some of his writing pieces; not that I would have slighted him in the least for it. In addition, he even gave away a poster of Fatale that I forgot to have him sign when my turn was up. So what did I do? I kindly went back to the back of the line and waited to come back again for him to sign once more. It was then that his guru-like words inspired me to finally realize, maybe my career choice in life has been wrong, and maybe I do have to try and make my passion of writing and my passion of comics work for me for a change...and pursue my passion in comic book writing. Now how many can say a meeting with a favorite comic book creator could do THAT for you? Not to mention, a later post from the LCS on FB informed me that Brubaker rarely ever has time any more to do signing events, so color me honored to have the opportunity to have met him!

In addition, Duffy Boudreau was on hand to sign copies of BlackAcre. I had originally come to the LCS today intent on having only Brubaker sign stuff, but with some time to spare before the signing and all, I was in there checking out the issue for this guy since he was coming in. And what I saw in BlackAcre blew me away with such interest that I slammed my money down immediately to purchase. Wonderful guy and I was glad to help him out in his first ever foray into the comic world. Go get 'em, Duffy! On a side note, he sure rocks those long sideburns, doesn't he?

As an added bonus, Kel Symons and Pat Brosseau were on hand to promote the release of the first issue of their ongoing i Love Trouble. I've not had the chance to read it yet but I was truly honored to have made their acquaintance and look forward to perusing it at my leisure. Being that I suddenly have inspired passion to write comics myself, I rather like the thought of supporting writers that are new to the game.

And that's all there is folks for this particular event! Stay tuned though, for I am due for another comic signing in the real near the only reference I can give as a clue to who I am seeing. If anyone figures out the clue, then kudos to you!

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Writers have to write, so get yourself into the fan fic section to find some inspiration and motivation.   I started writing a novel back in April, and the most important thing is to just sit down and write.  Get the words out.  

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I am angry at your LCS! Why can't mine have such grand events? Right, I live in Wyoming... And good on you to try some new stuff and support the new kids.

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John Layman and Rob Guilory (Image comics Chew) need to visit Comic book shops more often.

I do like this news, hopefully some more writers/artist will be visiting my LCS soon.