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Poll: If You Had To Lose One Of Your Senses, Which Would It Be? (33 votes)

Sight 6%
Taste 30%
Touch 12%
Smell 45%
Hearing 3%
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I can barely smell anyways... so yeah.

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Most of the sensations from eating are from smell, so I'll lose taste. Only if I have to pick out of the five main senses, though. Otherwise, I don't know. It gets difficult then.

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Smelling isn't that important for me.

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If I lost sight, I'd die by walking in front of a bus.

If I lost taste, it would just suck having to eat texture.

If I lost touch, how do I feel pain?

If I lost smell, the only thing I'd have to worry about is poison gases and such.

If I lost hearing, I'd die by walking in front of a bus.

Smell please.

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The thing about losing smell is if there was a gas leak or fire you wouldn't even know til it was too late. Plus all the gnarly farts you'll be missing out on.

The safest one overall I think would be taste. Although it would suck not being able to taste delicious foods on the plus side you'll be able to eat 100% healthy since taste don't matter anymore.

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Probably smell.

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um...... Screw it Hearing I'm losing it any how....... Stupid loud punk rock concerts.........

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My spider sense,I don't need it anyways.

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I was going to pick taste, but then I realized how terrible it would be to still be able to smell food but not taste it. So, I picked smell. Here's hoping I never have an emergency where smell is required.

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touch, then I would'nt feel pain.

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Taste, I need my sense of smell incase theres a fire.. any of these would suck though.

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Taste or smell probably.

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I picked taste, i'nm a really bad eater so it woud help me get healthy.

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Taste. I can eat all the vegetables I want without feeling disgusted by the taste.

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I can barely smell anyways... so yeah.

sadly this

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You have way more than 5 senses.......

I would probably want to lose itch or light sensitivity...because who needs that sh*t.

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Definitely Taste!

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Smell, no contest.

I love eating and drinking, read lots of books and comics, carry my iPod with me wherever I go, and love touching stuff (not what I meant). While I do like smelling the aroma of freshly-baked cookies, being unable to smell the diner's toilet or the farts of others is fine by me. ;)