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And where and why.

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Good question,not sure though.

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I would turne back time to kill Alexander the Great & Genghis Khan because they destroyed my country.

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The past is boring, I'd choose the future, however, for the purposes of the question, the only time in the past I'd like to visit is the 80's

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I'd go back to completely ruin the career of the guy who designed the bat nipples before he has the chance to make them so that he would never make them.

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Wouldn't go to the future. Multiple Sci-Fi stories have shown me that you never mess with the past, lest you kill yourself by accident or make out with your relatives.

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I wouldn't go to the past. If I did anything I could majorly fuck up the future (or the present now). I'd visit the future. See what it's like. See if I could do anything to make it better.

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Revolutionary or Civil War. I want to see how those fights went.

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To the week before the biggest lotto hit when no one won with the winning numbers

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Last Thursday morning. I should have took a dump during the morning. But I didn't. And so I screwed up one of the project proposals at work when I had a tummy ache. If I'm given a time machine, I'll tell my past self to crap that morning. Nyahahahahahaha!

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Dinosaurs if I could go back home after, if I had to stay there then id probably go to the 1000's or something.

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I would go back to April 14th 1865 in Ford's Theater, and kick John Wilkes Booth in the nuts, thus saving Abraham Lincoln and becoming a grade-A, bonafide American hero.