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An example of country music...
  An example of bluegrass...
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Country.Just like it better, though blue grass is pretty good too.

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I'd forgo all music forever.

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I could go for Rockabilly though.

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I'd rather put in a couple of those ear wigs from Wrath of Khan.

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Bluegrass reminds me of the movie Deliverance. At least country has modern appeal. And I kind of like Sugarland.

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hard decision...I think it depends on the mood I'm in....for some reason I really love the sound of a really good banjo player...from watching people play it looks to be an extremely hard instrument to learn so I really appreciate hearing someone who is really good play it....that and the fiddle....I think I get it from my grampa who loves blugrass music

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Bluegrass by default, even though i've never listened to any. Fck country.

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Bluegrass. I hate country. Bluegrass almost sounds like classical, and I love classical : )

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Country because of this man...

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I don't know because I can listen to both.

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@tg1982:I see Johnny Cash as more folk than country.

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@Glitch_Spawn said:

@tg1982:I see Johnny Cash as more folk than country.

I see him as a fused trinity hybrid of folk, blues, and country. Anyway don't care for most country, but there are enough exceptions that I would choose it over bluegrass.

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Both are dreadful
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Country. Kenny Rogers sang some great songs imo with Coward of the county being my favourite.

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Country, without a doubt.

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Country simply because there's a bit more diversity within the genre than Bluegrass... I should be able to find something I like.

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Bluegrass. Some of it can be bluesy and I love blues music.

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@Glitch_Spawn said:

@tg1982:I see Johnny Cash as more folk than country.

I agree. He's in the Country, Songwriter's, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so to say he's just country as many do (not you) is somewhat of a disservice.

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Rockabilly <3


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Since I'm less lyrically inclined and more musically focused I'd have to go with bluegrass as the instrumentation is more interesting to me.

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country music

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I'd pick Country.

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Bluegrass. Something about it makes me feel all happy inside.

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Bluegrass without a doubt. A good banjo player is so fun to listen to.

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Does punk-country count? 

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That's a horrible example of country. Kenny Chesney isn't country.

Waylon Jennings, Lefty Frizzel, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, etc. etc... is Country.