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what would they be and what would you want to learn from them? You are just you from right now, nothing different, no powers. You can only take away what you learn. I was going to cap it, but then I thought of a few more.

Leonardio - stealth and dual swords

Batman - disappearing in a puff of smoke, art of escape

Riddick - stealth and knife fighting

Aragorn - sword play, tracking

Green arrow - business and archery

Paul Atredies - critical thinking, tactics

Master chief - squad tactics. hand to hand combat

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TaskMaster - H2H and athletics/agility with the combined knowledge of a lot of Marvel hero's he's got a lot to teach!

Batman- Stealth

Bullseye- Accuracy with guns, blades etc...

Deathstroke- Sword play and Tactics/preparation

Cyclops- Leadership

Shang-Chi- Martial arts

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Mr. Miyagi.

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Qui Gon Jinn

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Black Panther ( T'Challa )
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Kakashi Hatake
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Batman - Detective arts

Spiderman(noir)- Stealth abiliies

Goku- Chi control

Leslie Thompkins - Battlefield medicine

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Sherlock Holmes - detective skills and observation

Nightwing - acrobatics

Wildcat - boxing lessons

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The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3. I would want her to teach me on how to be a soldier.

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Sherlock Holmes - Detective Skills and observation

Batman - Martial Arts Training

Punisher - Marksmanship

Dr Doom - Tactics/Preparation

Daredevil - Stealth training

Zorro - Swordsmanship

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does the fictional character have to be comic related or can I go with whatever my heart desires?

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Batman for Martial Arts and Green Arrow for Archery

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@exlmagician: I say any fictional character, I picked paul atredies.

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@Obtrusive: Thanks!

Well I like people going with Sherlock Holmes. however I could do without the drug addictions, SO!

swordplay: The Red-Viper of Dorne or Baelor Breakspear (they are interchangeable, hahaha)

marksmenship: Legolas Greenleaf (which btw I think is funny that his name means Greenleaf Greenleaf)

H2H: Albert Wesker

Tactics/Strategy: Gerald Tarrant (He was very good with that whole survival of the smartest thing)

Stealth: The Shadow!!!! (The Shadow knows!!!!)

Off the top of my head!

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Anybody, huh? Well....

Sherlock: Detective skills, observation, unique fighting style

Nighwing: Acrobatics

Raizo: Stealth and all things ninja

H2H: Neo (Matrix), the man knows just about every known martial art

John Preston: Gun-kata is awesome

Tactics: Captain Jack Sparrow, don't know if he really plans anything in detail but he always come out on top in the end

Misc: Macgyver, for anything else I may have forgotten

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Eragon: sword fighting

Batman: unarmed combat

Sherlock Homes: detective skills

Nightwing: acrobatics

Spider-man: how to make web shooters

Iron man: engineering

Yoda: how to build a lightsaber

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Justice - Marksmanship/Guns

Princess Azula - Strategy/Leadership

Gimli - Weapon Mastery/Axes

Poison Ivy - Botanical Expertise

Sabretooth - Survival

i think i'd be pretty badass, if i do say so myself ha.

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Sword fighting: Nightcrawler

Martial Arts: Richard Dragon

The Force: Revan

Lightsaber: Luke Skywalker or Kyle Katarn. Luke might be better, but I see myself getting along better with Kyle.

Maybe I'll add more later.

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H2H -Lady Shiva

Blind fighting -Daredevil

Stealth, survival & being a detective -Batman

Swordsmanship -Mace Windu

Marksmanship -Deadshot

Research & Politics -Luthor

Technology & Sorcery -Dr. Doom

Immortality and Tactics -Palpatine

Ideologies -Magneto

Trash talking -Deadpool

@JediXMan: How are Katarn's lightsabre skills? Sorry. Aside from the Jedi Knight games I know no story of him.

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He is a Jedi Battlemaster; essentially, primary lightsaber instructor. Overall, he is actually quite good. Deserves a lot of credit for beating Jerec and his Seven after having little to no training before hand. Sure he was almost killed (rather casually) by Jacen, but still.

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Batman-everything he knows,I want to know

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Wolverine - just about everything

Captain America - anything wolverine didn't cover lol.

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Batman of course

Hal Jordan, on using willpower

War Machine for arsenal

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The problem with learning stealth from spiderman is when he would try to show you how he evades situations, you can't move that way. Also picking deadpool to learn trash talking from was a stroke of brilliance whoever wrote that. Good form.

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@Samimista said:

The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3. I would want her to teach me on how to be a soldier.

As The Boss herself said, "How to (think like a) soldier? I can't teach you that. A soldier needs to be strong in spirt, body, and technique - and the only thing you can learn from someone is technique."

Major props either way for mentioning it though ;)

Let's see... I'd like

Batman - To be a detective

Shang-Chi - Martial arts (he turned Spider-Man into a master martial artist in like, a week)

Goku - Ki control ;)

Chris Redfield - Body building (He went from average cop to boulder smashing in half the time it took Batman to reach that level of physical strength)

Nightwing - Agility and acrobatics (He'd be better then Daredevil because DD has his radar sense which helps him greatly; that is something he can't teach me. Nightwing as another human would be better imo)

Raiden - Swordmanship (Deathstroke, for example, spent years training to reach his level of swordsmanship. Raiden on the other hand, when he got his blade in MGS2 he was instantly a master, capable of beating Solidus who probably had years of training and was blocking Ray's machinegun fire with his swords. He could of only gotten better after MGS2)

Hawkeye - Accuracy (I am NOT hanging out with guys like Bullseye or Deadshot. They'll kill me! Punisher is even worse, I'll probably end up killing myself)

Kingpin - Business

Solid Snake - The art of stealth and how to be badass when your 80

Can I get all these guys? If I can only pick one person I'd say Batman, since he's a jack of all trades.

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Spirituality - Aang

Stealth, Weaponry, and H2H - Snake-Eyes

Archery - Oliver Queen

Survival Skills and Tracking - Sergei Kravinoff

Academics - Mr. Terrific

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Sagat - Muay Thai

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Batman - Detective skills, stealth, instilling fear

Deathstroke - Assassin training

Ra's Al Ghul - Ninja training

Lady Shiva - H2H fighting

Yoda - Force training

Bullseye - Marksmanship

Roy Harper - Bow and arrow

Dick Grayson - Acrobatics and flexibility

Wonder Woman - Weaponry combat

Kyle Rayner - Willpower

Catwoman - Theft

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@JediXMan said:

Martial Arts: Richard Dragon

If this site had a like button. Now is the time when I would use it.

@ssejllenrad said:

H2H -Lady Shiva

She'd just kill you in a year or so.

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I'd want Hank Pym to teach me everything. I'd be his sidekick in a heartbeat.

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Unarmed Combat: Val Armorr

Weapons Training: Val Armorr

Acrobatics: Val Armorr

Chi: Gohan (Piccolo would keep telling me to DODGE!)

Business: Lex Luthor

Manipulation: Lucifer

Bass: Scott Pilgrim

Add more later

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@King Saturn said:

Black Panther ( T'Challa )


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Ash Ketchum.

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Martial Arts: Kenshiro 
Manipulation: Tao  
Sword fighting: Ra's Al Ghul
Leadership: Captain America
Strategy: Vandal Savage 
Survival: Wolverine.  
Biology: Beast 
Technology: Reed Richards Or Dr.Doom 
History: The Doctor 
Detective Skills: Batman 
Magic: Dr.Strange 
Politics: Lex Luthor  
Tactics: Deathstroke 

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black panther (t'challa)

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Thor, Batman, and Captain America.

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Taskmaster: Everything.

Batman: Everything, once I've mastered the basics.

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Dr. Strange- sorcery

Black Panther- H2H

and that would be enough to make me happy

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Sword Fighting - Vergil

H2H- Wonder Woman

Agility-Dick Grayson

Money Making/Business-Doom

Willpower- Steve Rodgers


Endurance/Stamina -Spidey

Speed-Krillin ( yes he is human)




Alchemy(Poisons) -Ivy/Venom

Stealth-Solid snake

Tracking Power-X23

Gadget construction-Batman

Marksmanship-Ultimate hawkeye

Strategy-Shikamaru's Dad


Intellect- Shikamaru (200+ IQ)


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Taskmaster for the whole package.

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@TheCannon said:

Thor, Batman, and Captain America.

And I forgot Dr Strange.

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Tony Stark, Make me your Apprentice.