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I think her move list should be:


  • Phase 1! (Instantly makes her turn intangible for a second: good when opponent shoots projectiles or attacks: She stands stationary)
  • Phase 2! (Can turn intangible when she jumps mid air)
  • Phase 3! (Can charge across the screen at intangible mode until she gets across)
  • Phase Punch! (Close quarter attack: Can deal damage and stun opponents even when they block great for combo set ups)
  • Phase Kick! (Same as above but has longer range)
  • Phase Uppercut! (She can phase through the ground and rise up across the screen from the ground with a jumping uppercut)
  • Dragon Dive: (Her little Dragon dives in and then back to her side)
  • Dragon Fire: (Her Dragon fires a fire ball)


  • Colossus Call! (Colossus jumps into the screen and grabs the opponent and throws them)
  • Call of the Dragon (Her dragon comes out and fires a stream of fire. You can control the direction)
  • Phase you! (She phase you in the ground and deals the opponent some damage but the opponent is forced to switch in another characters until the character frees hims off the ground)

Level 3 Hyper:

  • Super Death Phaser (She reaches in and grabs your heart in CGI and squeezes it. Deals alot of damage)

To make up for some of the cheep specials, her HP is really low, but not as bad as the Phoenix.

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@tron_bonne: I dislike the idea of having Colossus being an assist. If anything, he deserves a character slot more than Kitty does.
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The Screen turns red and the characters outline become black. Kitty phases into the opponent and then phases out causing an explosion like that gaara thing

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^ That sounds more like Shang Tsung.