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Battle royal.

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Deadpool Commentary

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Once a month, make a video about major comics (in DC and Marvel) that will be coming out this month, and list the dates.

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* I have no any idea.

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G-man vs. Sara...In a boxing ring, with super powers!

Not possible? What do ya mean?

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"Anyone remember this guy?"

The staff discuses their favorite little known characters.

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Vote which staff member has the best lunch for that day. :)

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What about an adult section?  (C'mon; you know you want to...)

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tour of the office might be good

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I did not know where to post this, but thought I would share here as it sounds funny! A band in Cardiff, Wales called Massive Horse have filmed a music video for a song called "Baneing" and it's all about the big Bane we all know and love! On their facebook page, they said it'll be ready by the end of May! Yay! Thought I would share! Here's their website - http://www.massivehorse.com/ for anyone who might care/wanna look! Laterz peeps!

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why editors in the comic industry don't research what the hell there doing loool