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I think that they should introduce Ultron in avengers 2 and have 10 of them them fight Thanos than the last one turnes evil and is the villain for avengers 3. They should make a man of steel 2 and have at the end of the first one lex Luthor take some of GZ DNA and than build doomsday than in the 2nd one doomsday kills superman in the end credits of man of steel 2 Darkseid finds out that superman died and he invades the earth than in justice league movie all the other 5 protect their own cities than superman wakes up goes and frees MMH and than they go and fights darkseid. This are my idea for the movies what are your ideas.

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hulk get pissed off in the end of avengers 2 and they have to send him away than we will get a planet hulk and a WW hulk movies.

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The JLA movie will be made into a grittier live action version of the Superfriends, directed by Michael Bay.

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That sounds pretty ambitious.

@minigunman123: How many times are you going to use that?

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@CrimsonCake: As many times as it takes... >:O

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@minigunman123 said:

@CrimsonCake: As many times as it takes... >:O


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loki tells thanos of an even greater weapon to keep him off his back, the infinity gauntlet. loki tries to become king again, thanos vs odin bcoz thanos invades asgard