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Been here for 1 year and 6 days. Milestone for me tbh. I honestly feel like CV is a forum that I will always stick with.

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Expansion: I really have grown ever since I started up on CV. I'm like Raven when I think about it. First, I was evil, doing nothing but trolling. Even though in this period I made the best thread on the interwebs:


In my second and current incarnation, I've decided to cut out the bs and be myself. Which I'm liking.

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Well congratulations.... I think.


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Congratulations, dude.

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on a different note. I got lost on the way home from the gym so i figured in order to help the experience i would listen to this

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Congratulations! :P

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Congrats, young pursuer of justice.

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@youngjustice: Why Happy Vinerversary little bro! =D So glad you joined us a year ago. ^__^ You rock! =D

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Congrats dude :D I hope they are many more years to come.

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