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I've been playing God of War II like a fiend for the last few days with a bit of rest here and there. I thought this would be a good place to make a thread for all the fans of the God of War Series to just talk and discuss everything dealing with this monster of a game.

It's been something else entirely, I've never been a big Sony fan but they've REALLY hit the mark with the series. Kratos as a main character was absolute love. The fact that he went from being one of the most feared Spartans to the God of War and then on a quest to destroy the Gods due to their betrayal has been done beautifully. Not to mention so many aspects of Greek Mythology added to the game to add to it's sheer brilliance. And let's not forget the phenomenal soundtrack because I have not played a game with such a wonderful ambiance of music in a long time (even as I type this I have the game on pause and I'm listening to the incredible music you hear during the Cyclops and Perseus Battles because I absolutely love that track!).

Anyway, fans of God of War and Kratos rejoice and speak freely of your love, criticisms, and expectations of such a wonderful series and upcoming installments.

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Kratos rocks.

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Kratos is the man. Especially his Blades of Chaos... which ended up becoming the Blades of Athena.