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Welcome to 2nd installment of Hulk News. Top Story: Godzilla begins filming in March. The film is going to be a gritty, grounded monster tale. Hulk don't know when exactly in March, but it's filming in March. Hulk hope they don't screw it up. Here are some requests that Hulk want from this movie:

  • Godzilla should attack American city, since it an American movie
  • Godzilla must use atomic breath
  • Have ILM do Godzilla effects (like they did with yours truly)
  • Hulk hope King Ghidorah is one of monsters Godzilla fights

If 2 of those things happen, Hulk will be happy.

What do you think of this Godzilla movie? It will film from March to June. Hulk assume more work is to happen on the CG effects.

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Godzilla: Cloverfield style!

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I want Mothra

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@JonSmith said:

Godzilla: Cloverfield style!

didn't think a lot of pepole liked that film

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I agree with Hulk: bring on King Ghidorah!

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Yes, King Ghidorah would be a great addition to the film. There definitely could be some epic scenes. I also wouldn't mind seeing either Destroyah or Rodan.

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The villain will probably be Mecha Godzilla.

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What if they make an orginal Villian?

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As a kid, I scared myself imagining Godzilla stomping around my city. Now that they are filming there -- kinda freaked out.

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@lykopis: Gamera will protect you, he is friend to children.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

@lykopis: Gamera will protect you, he is friend to children.


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Yeah I hear about this.I want to see Gigan.

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Godzilla is awesome, ill see this for sure no matter what is done with it.

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i do not think there will be any monster fights , and america seems to mess up the character (even though i liked "zilla") with that being said .

C'mon Gabara!!!!

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Cool i also have seen Skull island i dont know if its true but if it is, is good.

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Is it actually starring Tommy Wiseau?