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Random question

How would you feel if your spouse made more money than you? And I mean a lot more. What do you think?

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Wouldn't care. Heck it'd be nice having someone else take care of finances more than me.

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I'd feel proud for her, Other than it wouldn't make a difference.

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That is unacceptable. You should divorce her and give me her number.

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Feel pretty good, she could be my sugar mama

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That wouldn't bother me at all.

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how would she make so much money in the kitchen?

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My wife does make more money than me but its not a big deal to me.

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Good for her. As long as she enjoyed what she was doing she was happy then that would make me happy. How much money would come second to that. And if she earnt alot then that would help out with finances and what not.

Why would anyone feel any different?

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I don't have a spouse, but hypothetically, I think I'd be O.K. with it.

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I'd actually be surprised if she wasn't making more than me considering she's an actual qualified professional while I'm a cook, its literally my only marketable skill.

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I wouldn't care, I'm a lazy.

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I assume I wouldn't care. But who knows.

Maybe that somehow changes the dynamic of my relationship with my wife? Maybe she brags about it in hypothetical arguments? Who knows.

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I want to be a high school teacher, so my future wife better make more money.

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@danhimself said:

how would she make so much money in the kitchen?

Famous chef.

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I wouldn't care because it would be our money.

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I do believe I read somewhere that in a marriage where the wife makes more than the husband, the likelihood of divorce is high. Supposedly, it's because the husband is socially stigmatized since (again) supposedly he was raised to believe the husband should be the higher bread winner, especially when there is children involved. I think that's where it can be unfair, and it's not something that is openly discussed -- if anything, it's kept secret. All wrong clearly, but it's there.

Then you have the potential of other men looking down on you for not making more than your wife and even women -- which is a whole other mess of wrong.

Things are changing though -- the answers in this thread are awesome (for the most part, lol). If your spouse makes more money than you -- awesome - more money for the pot.

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I'd be fine with it. The bills would be easier to pay and thus a great amount of stress would be done away with.

Gender roles need to go away.

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It's assuming I'm married........

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I'd be happy for her. We'd be able to pay lots of bills and maybe even set aside a little for a vaction sometime. ( I'm not married but that is how I'd feel). I'd want my wife to be happy.