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Ok, so for those who are unaware, I have created 3 tournaments in the battle forums in the past... and I didn't finish any of them. At first I just thought it was just bad timing for me to be hosting a tourney, but lately I started thinking to myself... "Do I even know how to host a tournament properly?"

And the answer is: No, I do not. However I do enjoy creating and hosting them greatly, which is why i'd like to learn how to correctly do so. Now i'm well aware there isn't some magical, sure-fire way to make a 100% successful tournament, but I guess what i'm asking is for tips, tricks, and just little tidbits on making tournaments.

Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.

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All I can tell you is what ive gathered before and after making mine, but I am by no means an expert.

1. Make sure you have all rounds outlined before starting so you have an even amount of rounds, or you'll have 3 characters making it to finals and stuff like that.

2. Take your time making it, sometimes you forget a character and people can get really upset if their favorite isnt in.

3. Set your votes required number depending on how popular your tournament is, its not very fun to wait days for a round to finish and people will loose intrest and not check for updates, but dont change it to frequently since it can cause unbalance and get people upset that way.. Personally I have a rule that if no character has won after 24 houres the one with the most votes win. That means no matter what the tournament will continue in a steady pace.

4.Try to format it nicely, doesnt have to be flawless but dont just throw 2 pictures in there without tags or anything, it looks amateurish + can get confusing.

5. If you dont enjoy maintaining a tournament for an extended amount of time, dont make one.

6. Dont play favorites, your favorite will loose.. again.. and again..

Thats all I got for now.

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@stingerrain: Do you mean a tournament in the GenD/Off Topic or Battle forums?

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