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Average guy starts at 10 Powerlvl.

- Overcame many obstacles and challenges in life (Bullied, School, Dorky,) x6

- Overcame any diseases or disabilities x5

- Got dumped and got hotter girlfriend(s) x10

- Got jacked from being superfat or superskinny x2

- Good job that YOU wanted and got achievements x2

- Passed basic school x1

- Leader of your group x5

- Not a VIRGIN x1

- Had sex with over 7 girls (over the average) in your life x10

- Own an apartment and vehicle x50

- Have responsibilities other than yourself (kids, family, etc) x75

- Can bench 10 times OVER 180lbs x5

- You have more than 1 friend x2

Now... How STRONG are you?

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...in what way does not being a virgin make you strong?

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it doesn't.

Calculate a number x1 and nothing happens.

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This belongs in the Off Topic, not general discussion. :| 
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