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What traits, qualities, mannerisms, interest, appearance do you get from each one of your parents? I'll start:

mom: financial budgeting

dad: interest in spiritual things

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Mom: Independence, Skin Tone, Height

Dad: Temper?

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I'm not like my parents.

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I share a lot of traits with my dad although some come from my mom.

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I'm a lot like my Uncle and my second Cousin.

Sadly my Uncle passed away this year.

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Mom: Depression, Anxiety, Hair, Eyes, Honesty

Dad: Temper, Impatience, Interest in cars

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I'm quite a bit like my parents; good and bad traits alike.

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Dad:Temper,my look,height.

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I don't think I really share any traits, I look more like my mum but I'm tall like my dad. But thats about it as far as physical traits go, I'm not really like any of them at all.

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Mom: calm in nearly any situation, general happy temperament, my every now and then temper

Dad: height (although i'm much taller than my dad -.o), my general hatred of anything academic, logical thinking

Everything else good and bad seems to just be me lol.

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I'm pretty dissimilar from them on the surface, or if you don't really know me well enough. I could write a lot about this, but just in general ...
My interest in sports comes from my dad. He was more of a nerdy type of guy (not with things like comic books or video games), with an athletic build. He was just more interested in the academics, but was a sports nut. Both of my parents are above average height for their gender, and I'm pretty tall myself.
Financially, it's a mix. I'm not much of a spender, and I save a lot. I budget really well though, and I think the saving comes more from my dad. Social skills are definitely more related to mom, if I had to relate them. As far as friends though, I have an amazing group of individuals I consider friends, but a more tightly knit circle within that, and I think that's more reminiscent of my dad. There's really only four guys he usually always hangs out with, and I learned early on that having a lot of friends would be beneficial in aspects like connections and if we'd ever cross paths in the future for something important (job related), but I only really trust that circle of friends with things no one else knows about me. Even with them, I don't tell them everything, and like time to myself just for solace (I'm an ambivert, and I probably got the qualities of an extrovert from my mom, and introvert from my dad).
Well, there are some more things, but overall I learned about the similarities when I matured. If you asked me this when I was in the ninth grade, I would have probably said nothing was alike.

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I share a lot of traits from my parents as I don't necessarily have one aspect that is just similar to one of them.

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I'm alot like my parents and I notice it all the time, but I have a hard time conveying it into words. It is weird little things I catch that remind me that I am.

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Well um...I'm black and they're black...so um yeah...

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I'm like my Mom in that I'm pretty chill and laid back. Have Dad's hardhead'dness and when we drink we say stuff over and over lol.

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Why are Pooty's random questions so much more interesting than everyone else's random questions?
Yes, I certainly follow in their footsteps in various ways.  Money management, studiousness, trying to be helpful and courteous to people, ambitious, probably a lack of social skills!  And all of the same from my grandmother, but even moreso, as well.

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I'm the female clone of my dad.

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Not very much at all, actually. I'm pretty laid back and they're very outgoing and social.

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Nothing other than my descent.

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I get my looks from my father's side, and his temper as I've been told... But other than that I'm more of an opposite of my parents than anything.