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Like the title says, how many 5 year olds can you take on?

Take the test and post your results to prove how bad ass you are. http://www.howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight.com/<--------

  • You are in an enclosed area roughly the size of a basketball court
  • There are no weapons or foreign objects
  • Everyone is wearing a cup (so no kicks to the groin)
  • The children are merciless and will show no fear
  • If a child is knocked unconscious, he is "out." The same goes for you.

I can take on 23 of those suckers.

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Idk maybe 1 bill? Lol

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It said 22, but I can take more down.

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Perhaps one-thousand or so.

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why would i hurt them!? i'd just laugh as they try to hurt me XD

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IDK dude I know some 5 year olds that can pack a punch

probably bout 30 maybe higher.

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I got 30 but i'd just step on like 5000.

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27 is the result I got. Man I guess they are some rabid five year olds.

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but i could take like 10000000000

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I got 28.

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34 :D But I'm pretty sure I could take more.

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No way, more than one child and they would most likely break me mentally before the situation could escalate into actual violence ;)

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Look, I'm sorry. If a gang of rabid five year olds come running at me, I'm kneeing each one in the face. They're rabid five year olds.

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Such a lovely game. I suppose I could pretend to be the juggernaut and just ram all of 'em.

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30 of them. Lol

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35 according to that test, lol.

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Site said 33... Too low IMO.

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I wouldn't fight 5 year olds. They are not worth my time.

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25 less runts

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Well I pride myself on my health and I occasionally train with mma practitioners and have held my own in sparring matches, so I will say 40 maybe 50

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I can handle more than 30 but if they hit me in the balls I will go down.

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31 hahaha. i feel like i could take more. but at that point fatigue would be setting in i'm sure. but i'm gonna be one shotting these little kids in the face. BAM. in my opinion i feel as if i could take out 45 at the least. i have so much pent up rage because of my nephews..

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23 bastards!

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Lol! 17 according to the test. xD

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even if i beat them all i still get charged with over a hundred cases of child abuse so no one wins really

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The site said 29.

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Said 27. I believe I could take more if I used the helecopter technique.

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Test says I get twenty to my inflexible moral compass, but I'm sure in real life I could just shout random quotes till they all run away.

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Well I got 31.Is this good or bad ?

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I got 31, that website is definitely rigged and run by five year olds..

It depends a lot on whether a kid calls me "smart ass" or something close to that nature (nature being childish). If so, then I can take as many as there are....knock the first kid out and then use him as a barge pole. If the child I'm using as a barge poll becomes "worn" than grab another and repeat the same process.

The following quote from the quiz says it all for me:

"To hell with morality, I'd be too busy pile-driving, crane-kicking, and bare-knuckle bashing them all the way back to kintergarten"

It would be fair to point that I do babysit for other people and the kids regard me as their "Godbro" so that is clear proof that my method works.