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How is your Sunday this week?

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Boring as sh*t.

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This thread will last.

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Good. I've just been in chill mode all day.

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@innervenom123 said:

This thread will last.

Definitely. Everyone will comment on this thread every Sunday from now on.

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Nice so far.

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Unproductive and lazy. Read comics, played video games, hung out with friends and loafed hard.

Pretty baller Sunday.

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Pretty lazy and boring. Nobody responded to my latest fan-fic part so...:(

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got to visit my dad , stepmom, step brother, grandma + grandpa, my uncle + his gf , with my brother. lots of laughs and good food

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I got my rear handed to me at work, with an understaffed shift, an early summer time rush, and a totally apathetic, ineffective guest manager, all while behind a 475 degree grill that heats the ambient air toward 90 degrees for six hours.

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Worked a lot....... But this week will be awesome! Can't wait for the forth! BBQ for friend, shooting off fireworks, Hanging with a very cute girl who likes me a lot, in the city of New Orleans.......

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It was boring and lazy.

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It was my birthday. Don't want to talk about it.

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It sucks.

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It sucks.

It's still Sunday where you are?

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It was pretty damn good.

I got a lot done in the yard and the house and spent a lot of quality time with my wife and kids.

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Damn DMC 4.

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shitty i had to study for an exam for tuesday.

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It was very relaxing, thank you.