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How do you work out? What gets you pumped? What music do you listen to, if any? What sort of routine/sets do you do?

Personally I watch these two videos maybe some Dana Lynn Bailey and listen to DMX/Tech N9ne/B.I.G kind of rap or Steve Aoki style of electro. I do German Volume Training which is ten sets of ten reps per exercise around 4 times a week. Sure I'm in the gym for 2-3 hours a time but it feels sooooo good. I do Back/Biceps then Chest/Triceps then Legs. Leg Days are always the longest and worst.

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I tie a Hostess Swiss Cake to a string and attach it to my forehead then constantly try to chase after it.

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Love CT! I usually do lots of bodywieght excercises. Dips, pullups are a must and pushups on my fist. As many as I can manage. We have a track not to far from my house and I work for a Spa so I have free access to a weight room. Squats and bench. Leg extensions and forward lunges with 70 pound barbell. I listen to Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Santana and Drake mostly. Darness1234, Elliot Hause, Bartendaz and Matt Ogus are my favorite channels oh and Frank Yang.