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I usally Ignore the main quest & walk to riften , i am a breton whos Specialty is arching , i go to riften with the ragged clothes , so i start off as a hobo , i then go to the jarl & ask for a guard job , i then get some riften guard clothes i found outside of riften in a tower , & then go to the training area & shoot dumbies , later i go potral riften ... etc.

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I like to go across Riverwood to that witch lady's shack and kill her. Then become a hunter with a hunter's shack.

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Hey man, I'm just gonna switch this to the off-topic board.

The CV RPG board has to do with the text-based RPGs that we write with OC's here on the Vine.

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I've never actually tried to RP in the game. I followed the quests and try to always do side quests. I did however get Hearthfire so I adopted children. Now I'm doing the Dawnguard questlines.

But I may go back through later and try it out without doing the quests.

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I'm a secret millionaire that talks to all the hobos and see what life is like. Then give a few septims to all of 'em.