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Being a woman. Do you think it'll work, do you think it wouldn't work? Are you all for a female lead or against it? Whats your thoughts. d?-?b

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Is this SRS, or just random question? Not sure, because I would expect to have a main character who was crazy/vulgar/violent, and I am not usually a fan of a woman acting that way in movies or games...they could make it work though with good writing....

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I wonder how Grand Theft Auto fans would react to it.

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Well Saints Row series worked around by creating your own characters both male and female so I guess its not big deal

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I dont mind female leads, but i just can imagine it in GTA, but who knows.

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I wouldn't mind it. They could base the character after someone like Griselda Blanco.

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Why the hell not?

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I think it would work. I'd still play the game, either way.

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Saint Row is different from GTA in that aspect. I'm cool with the idea of a female lead but I see the problems in it. GTA a is very male orientated game series, you could tell by the over use of prostitutes, Strip Clubs, and sexist jokes in all of the games. GTA give a jokey [but realistic] adaptation of the crime world whereas Saint Rows give a jokey [unrealistic] adaptation of the crime world. Truth is theirs not that many women in the crime world [Don't quote me on this], not unless she like Elizabeth from GTA:LC.

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@superstay: What matters if the setting is male oriented if the protagonist is female? I think you are a little confused bro.

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As long as it's done well it wouldn't matter to me. I don't care about the race, gender, religion etc. of a character as long as they are likable and have some depth. Well the depth thing doesn't count in GTA. I'm getting really f*cking sick of GTA's killer with a concious bit. I want Tommy Vercetti and Claude back. The real one dimensional but likeable sociopaths.

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I'd buy it either way.

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What I mean is the GTAU is almost strongly centered around dudes. It would be kind of hard getting a female character to work in the game as lead, It would be kind of unrealistic. They would have to change the game's style alittle to make it realistic. Now I'm not saying it shouldn't or couldn't be done and if it sounds like that I'm sorry. The way I see it going might not please women. d*_*b