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I've got my exams coming and i cant stop procrastinating, HELP!

ps. I know me asking how to stop procrastinating is a form of me procrastinating, no need to bring that up.

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Unplug your Internet cable and/or shut off your wi-fi.

Work on whatever you have to do for a solid hour - time yourself. Stop for 15 minutes / half-hour, then go back and do it for another hour.

The night before exams, study right before you sleep and review first thing in the morning - it's an interesting trick, actually. You retain information that you learn right before falling asleep.

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You don't.

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as long as your grades don't suffer procrastinate away! :D. I know I do.

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Lock yourself in your room with only your school work and enough food to last the day.

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If I knew I would have already learned how to play guitar, have abs, and learned to draw my comic book idea.

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I always got up really early and studied then.
Since I can easily focus in the morning. :)

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U start on day one don't put it off last second. U have to force yourself and get in the habit of doing unwanted things like studying exams. The best advice is motivate yourself to not procrastinate. When i started at my state college I knew that i was close to my degree so i couldn't slip up one bit so i used my motivation of earning my degree as my motivation. Plus my best friend would kick my butt if i got anything under a B letter grade so she keeps me in check too.

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First method known as the "lazy motivation" : Tell yourself the sooner you'll do things, the sooner you'll be free to chill once the work is done.

Second method known as "Buzz Aldrin step": Dont try big changes, but work little by little. The first day, try to work 10mn per hour. The 2nd day, 15mn per hour and so on. At the end of the week, you'll be able to work a full hour without procrastinating.

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Let the procrastination advance and fully take root, in it's later stages you will eventually begin to procrastinate procrastinating.

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Replace her fear with procrastinating. Trust me, it works.

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Eh, just think about it tomorrow.

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Step 1

Analyse what it is you need to do, and the outcome you want to achieve. You need to study, so that you can get good grades.

Step 2

State why is it is that you don't want to study. In your case, it's probably because it's boring and/or hard work.

Step 3

State why you think studying would be more beneficial than the negatives from step 2. For example. If I study, it'll be boring for an hour.. but if I do well in my exams it means I'll have a better shot at a job in the future. I'll be able to impress my family and friends with my grades, and I might get a reward for doing well. Maybe spending a couple of hours will be worth the benefits months after.

Step 4

If you've gone through step 3 and thought "yeah, the negatives of studying are outweighed by the positives. it'd be a good idea to study", then you're almost done. Now, make a list - whether it be a monthly calendar, a list for each subject, or just a rough idea of hours a day - of your study plan. Say.. a couple hours of math on Monday, a couple hours of French on Tuesday. That type of thing. Having a list with times is good because you get the satisfaction of ticking it off when it's done, it shows just how near exams are, and it shows that you don't have long until it's all over. Plus being organised will make it all seem less overwhelming. So give yourself some kind of plan of attack. And remember this: give yourself breaks! Do Math for an hour then take a 15 min break, then go back to it. Then when you've done enough, kick back and relax.

Step 5

Just go and do it. Shut the door for an hour, turn off the internet, laptop, phone, whatever. Just bare with your work for a few minutes, stay focused, and plow through it. Then you can stop after an hour.

Some tips

For me, food helped me when I was revising. So bring a snack and something to drink. Also, I'd highly recommend getting your studying done by like 6/7pm latest, earlier if possible. Even do some in the morning. If you get a few solid hours done in the morning or afternoon you literally have all night to not think about it. It's satisfying when it's done.

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Stop procastinating. It's not hard. You just get off you butt and do stuff. If you don't, it simply means that you don't care enough (lazy is another word for "I don't prioritize this") or that you're scared of failing.

@dabee said:

Eh, just think about it tomorrow.

And lol at this :)

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Well what is it that's really making it hard for you.

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I know exactly what you should do...but I don't feel like explaining right now..eh, I'll get to it later.

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Start doing.

There's pretty much no other way.

Life sucks and you have to deal with it.

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Are you still procastinating?

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I'll tell you tomorrow.