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I am a battlefront junkie. I need to get it fixed. Toothpaste doesn't work.

I need other methods.

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Buy a new disc.

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If washing it under water doesnt work, id just buy a new CD. Battlefront is really old too, so it cant cost much.

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Buy a Playstation 4...?

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^ not that. Just buy another copy the prices for Ps2 games aren't that high. Nostalgia over hype.

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Did you try asking the scratches to go away? Make sure you're polite about it.

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@jeanralphio: Blue light of death for Ps4. Disk Drive of Death for Xbox One. I will not let the Decepticons into my home.

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Just turn the Ps2 off n watch on of your Vhs stapes

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@maddpanda531: Yup, the only one that actually has a good collection of games.

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1-Download pcsx2

2-Rip the ISO

3-Hook up your usb gamepad to your pc

4-Enjoy !

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Download Free McBoot into your memory card and download ESR patcher onto your computer. This will allow you to play modded ESR-patched ps2 games on with just a memory card. If you do this, you can just download an .ISO of ANY game you want for the PS2, then patch it with the ESR patcher, then voila! You can play ANY PS2 (with the small exception of Jak and Daxter, and some others ((like 20 games total that Free McBoot doesn't work with))) game you want. I have 200+ burned PS2 games with Free McBoot.

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peanut butter