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So Avengers vs X-Men comes out tomorrow and everyone knows that Scarlet Witch is coming back and Hope has something to do with the Phoenix Force returning. Personally I see this whole thing coming down to a fight between Hope and Wanda. It seems to me that the only important thing that the Scarlet Witch has ever done was House of M and Decimation and since then she has been in limbo because no one wants to use her because she is crazy and kills everyone. Does anyone else think (really really want) Hope to finally kill the Scarlet Witch if for no other reason than to give better closure than have an immensly powerful wild card in limbo doing nothing, I do.

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Except Scarlet WIich seems to be more stable now, as well as the fact she was not always crazy and has been a valuable member to the Avengers before. House of M and Decimation is not the only thing shes done, another Unstable moment was Avengers Dissembled, but before then she was one of the teams powerhouses. It would also suck to see her dies so close to her return. I would actually like this Event to show how in control Wanda actually is and to prove herself a hero again.

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i think wanda is the avatar for the phoenix and hope is the final piece of the phoenix shards

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HECK NO!! Wanda will beat the shit out of Hope and pee on her Jean-Grey-look-alike face, then Wanda will offer Hope to the Phoenix as an offering and Hope will be it's slave bitch!!

Wanda is too good a character to follow down another Avengers Disassembled/House of M/Decimation path again!! So hopefully Marvel will take the high road and just make her the old Wanda every knew and loved... pre-House of M!!

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@Scottishboy86 said:

i think wanda is the avatar for the phoenix and hope is the final piece of the phoenix shards

lol i would actually love that but all i really want is for whoever becomes the host of the Phoenix Force to have control and not go crazy like Jean, i dont want all that drama again i just want one immensely powerful mutant

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@Scottishboy86 said:

i think wanda is the avatar for the phoenix and hope is the final piece of the phoenix shards

I think wanda wants the phoenix force to undo her spell now that she no longer has the power to do so, So she will probably fight hope for control

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Maybe Wanda was responsible for Hope being born, and the other Lights, and the Phoenix Force came to Earth as a reaction? Only a shot in the dark so take it as you will.

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Those two fight and as a result of their powers interacting the entire universe is rebooted.

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If that happens I hope the rebooted universe has less wolverine titles/teams, scarlet witch back on the avengers. And Nightcrawler back, actually I'm not sure if I'm ready for that last part.

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Hope is possibly only alive because of Wanda. For all she knows, killing Wanda will erase her from existence.

If anything, this series should get rid of Hope. She is the only waste of a supposedly original character.

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All I want is Hope to copy Wanda's powers while she is the avatar of the Phoenix Force. That would be epicly awsome!

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Maybe Wanda will try to kill Hope or at least catch her to get on the Avengers good side. Just a thought.