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With her blistering connection, Sigbritt Löthberg will be able to download a full high-definition DVD in just two seconds.

Swedish news site The Local reports that Löthberg's home has been tricked-out with a record-breaking 40 Gb/s connection - the first time a private residence has tapped into the internet at such high speeds.

What the heck?

What are your thoughts on this?

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My hand couldn't keep up with what awaits

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Further proof that Northern Europe rules.

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First the US should catch up to Japan v.v as we already paid for that.

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@durakken said:

First the US should catch up to Japan v.v as we already paid for that.




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Ah, but did Löthberg pay for the HD DVD?

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Really? - Drooling and Jealous

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Want it.

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the U.S. actually ranks pretty low when it comes to broadband speeds.....the problem is that the internet providers don't have any competition...there's really only one cable internet provider and that's Comcast...DSL and satellite just can't compete to cable speeds and a lot of people in america can't get cable internet because of their location...so the problem is that these few providers can set whatever price and speed that they desire and because there's no other options we're stuck with it...mind you this article was written over a year ago but you should still check it out


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My friend in England has an amazing connection and I think he'd drool over that...

Also that report is old from like 2007....

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Man... I would go nuts if I even had ten MB's of download...

The only internet accessible in my area boasts a MAXIMUM of 600 KB of upload and 5 MB of download... My internet has deteriorated to a point where a phone call or simple use of a phone will temporarily disconnect me. And yes, our internet runs through the phone lines since whoever built this area decided it was smart NOT to include cable lines. Ironically, this is a relatively new area as well, perhaps only been around for 7-10 years at MOST.

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I didnt realise our broadband was that superior, I myself got 30mb's and its pretty nice.

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Enjoy it while it lasts, the Internet as we know it is coming to an end. 32 bit is being thrown out the window, as the Internet addresses are out.

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And I thought i had good connection at 25 mbps....

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i have an 8mbps and am just fine with it.