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Why dont people enemy request?

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IDK.... it's just weird.

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who adds someone they hate?

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If i dont like you i just dont send out a request, simple.

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I have no enemies.  Such concepts are beneath me.  Actually I have no friends either (same reason), but I let some people think I do by accepting.

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I actually have... a few times

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Maya Lopez said:
"Why dont people enemy request?"
I don't need enemies lol...
I've never sent any real enemy request, and I've never gotten any such request either...
I doubt I'd accept an enemy request though xP
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I don't have enemies, having such a relationship is beneath me, it is just not fitting for someone to have an enemy on the vine for no reason, there are few viners with actual enemies.

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Lol, when I first joined this site like a year and some ago I was so immature, I sent out enemy requests to anyone that had higher points than me on a page I wanted...well, there are no pages that I wanted that I dont have now, so Im fine

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I've gotten alot of enemy requests lol (i think the person above started with one aswell and then we switched to friends)

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Hmm... I dont know.  I love everyone

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It makes it look like you hate someone

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Every hero needs at least one enemy. Otherwise it is a pretty boring hero.