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Some Superheros or Villians I am interested in but don't have time or money to read from issue 1.

What issues or story arcs did you like the best. I know it is a long list so just pick one you know and like.




Aquaman (less cheesey the better)

Alfred (batman's main man, Any stories that have him as the main plot character)

Bizarro World

Professor X




Mr. Sinister




Doctor Strange

May post more names later.

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For Batman, I'd say The Long Halloween. It's a really good read, the very first comic I ever read in fact.

For the Joker, the classic is The Killing Joke.

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Year 1

Killing Joke

Broken Bat

Knightfall 1

Knightfall 2



Nomans land


Return of Hush

Bruce Wayne Murderer

Bruce Wayne Fugitive

those are the ones that immediately spring to mind for Batman :D


Dangerous Habits

Tainted Love

Original Sins

Rare Cuts

Damnations Flame

Freezes Over

All His Engines

those are all the important Hellblazer storylines

hope that helps


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oh yeah... forgot Long Halloween and it's sequel (forgot it's name but it's by the same people and in a red and black cover)


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Thanks a ton, I have read some of the Batman you guys said but the rest are new. Plus a good start for a comic I have never read.

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sorry i can't help with the rest though


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For Constantine, if you want to start from his beginning, read some of those old Swamp Things.

For Hellboy, everything is good, but you may want to read in chronological order, oldest first.

For Bizarro, you might want to get Bizarro Comics and Bizarro World if you like alternative or underground comics. I'm guessing there's a reprint that does Bizarro vs Superman (maybe in the Superman section of your comic book store), but I'm not sure

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Thanks. I always liked Swamp Thing so maybe i'll start there.

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I think for Constantine you must read "All His Engines".

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Dr. Strange. a lot of the real old stuff is cool because it show him using a lot of magic and battling Mordo, Dormammu etc.

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If you don't read "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House for a Serious Earth" then you're not a real batman fan. That book is insane, in my top 3 comic books.


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Batman year one

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Batman - Contagion, Knightfall are my two favorites but there's lots of great Batman stories, Killing Joke will give you probly the best Joker story.

Prof X/Magneto- there's an X-Men Classic issue #65 you can get for cheap that covers their origins pretty well, Xavier & Magneto vs. Baron Strucker & nazis. Fatal Attractions and Jim Lee/John Byrne's X-Men 1-3 put the two against each other, I liked both at the time, both are out on TPB.

Dr. Strange- you can probably get the whole sorceror supreme series 1-90 for really cheap http://www.comicvine.com/comic/doctor-strange-sorcerer-supreme/4049/&page=3 in the quarter bin. There's also a couple Essential Dr. Strange TPBs that covers stuff from the older (more expensive) Silver Age books.

Sinister- Inferno was his first big story arc you can get on TPB, Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix (on TPB, can probly get the series somewhat cheap too) goes through his origin in late 19th century England & lays out his ties to Apocalypse, and Uncanny Origins #1- cheap 99 cent comic drops hints about his origin (as Claremont I think originally intended it) and his interest in Cyclops specifically

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Thank you for the tips Shatterstar. I can find almost anything online (I know it's illegal) so I will check those out.

So everyone knows I do buy the ones I like. Kind of like the guys I see at the comic store, they spend four hours reading different comic books then only guys the ones he likes or liked.