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So I love making Skyrim builds from other fiction, I have loads from the Malazan book series, I have the Crimson King from the Dark Tower, I have Raziel from Soul Reaver and I have just finished a werewolf build. Now I want to have a go at making some Jedi/Sith characters. The Jedi will probably be Skywalker, likely ether Nord, Breton or Imperial. Robes, Bound Sword, Telekinesis, Restoration, Illusion , One-handed, Block.

Now the Sith I'm having problems with. I want him to be Darth Maul but I cant decide on a race, a skinny orc would work as I can give him horns, make his skin real dark and give him a red face tattoo but the teeth really put it off so I thought about a Dunmer but they have no horns at all. Maybe I could make two, an Orc for Svage Opress and a Dunmer for Darth Maul?

I could make a Lando Calrissian. A crossbow wielding Redguard with fancy hair hmmm.....

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Dunmer female, Asaaj Ventress. Boosh. You're welcome.

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@johnny_anonymous: Get some cool mod for the Nightingale armor so it looks sleeker and more badass on a femme toon.

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Er, I mean @jonny_anonymous

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This doesn't seem possible without some serious mods...

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Greedo. I'd use Argonian or maybe Orc. Then set him up as a archer, thief, sneaky double crossing type. I think the studded armor could do.