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I think I am having a midlife crisis, I spend more time on C'Vine (not even responding to anything), I feel I should sell everything I own, quit my jobs (yes, I have more than one high paying job), leave all my possessions and inheritance to my family and just start walking... I don't know where, but just walk.

Anyone else feel like that?

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Lol! I spend quite a lot of time on here too. It's an addiction. Maybe we should all quit our real lives and just live on here! xD

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You sure we aren't related?

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@Samimista: watch dogs avatar?

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@Loki9876: Lol! Yuppers. That'd be Aiden Pearce.

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@Samimista: that game looks amazing

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@Loki9876: I'm mostly hyped for that, Tomb Raider and Ground Zeroes. Just gotta figure out which next gen console I'm gonna go with...

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@Samimista: for me watch dogs, infamous, the last of us and GTA 5.

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I feel your pain brotha...

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its true when i first joined i spent 6+ hours on this site

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Thanks for the sympathy and the jokes! Someone pm'd me and said maybe I should explain... I'm 27, I am fairly successful, on the board of 3 companies (one I actually started 5years ago), I've done everything I can for my family (6 of us: bought my siblings houses, cars, set aside educational funds for my nephews/nieces) as the eldest should (which is a big thing in my culture). I'm lost... Lately I don't sleep (my record stands at 8 days of insomnia with 35minutes of sleep) and I feel I should sell everything, quit everything and go do something important! Something significant, something that matters but the worst part is I don't know what, I just feel like I should just take off my suits, put on some sandals and just start walking... Just keep walking! No money, no plan, no direction, nothing but just keep walking. Everyday this idea to walk, to perambulate itches on my psyche

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I guess I know how you feel. Sometimes I like to drive aimlessly through the city and visit different places that I haven't been to. I'm only 19 though so maybe it's different.

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@theONEtaichou: dude you don't need to give everything away to do what you want to do....take some time off and go on a vacation

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You are an American success story.

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@FalconPuuunch: it's not that different, I thought hard work, a good career and success would satisfy (that's what we are told growing up right?)... I just feel the insignificance of it all, meaninglessness

@danhimself: lol no, vacations I do take but its deeper than that.

@Kingjohnrocks said:

You are an American success story.

hahahahahah thanks buddy but I am not American (Zulu; South African) but I do appreciate the comment

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@YoungJustice said:

You sure we aren't related?

hahahhahaha lol I don't know, are you Zulu and can you state your praise names going back two centuries??

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I seem to always have a window open with ComicVine on, but I haven't been as active as I used to be. The problem is, there are too many interesting things going on here on ComicVine. :)

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In the US we often seek professional help.  There are resources out there, people to talk to who can more effectively assist you through your feelings, wants and needs.  Your situation is beyond the scope of this site and none here, to my knowledge, have the skills to adequately address this.  Please contact your primary care physician for a referral before you make any major decision.  You have too much to lose by trying to deal with this alone.