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Hello everyone! I'm new to CV and the rules, even though I've been reading articles on here for the past couple weeks lol. So, let me tell you about myself. First, I LOVE comics. I've grown up watching and talking and reading about super heroes in comics. My dad is a huge comic book nerd, so I guess I am too! I'm 16 years of age, in eleventh grade. My favorite characters, as of now, are Kaine Parker, Deadpool, and Nova, Richard Rider, not the new Sam Alexander one.

So, if you guys want to ask me any questions, go ahead! I'm kind of bored xD

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Oh welcome !

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Welcome to CV! Hope you like it here :)

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Welcome to the Vine :D

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Welcome to Vine :P I'm certain this thread will be locked though, we already have a thread for this in the General Discussion forums.

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welcome i'd ask u sumtin but i dont know wat

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@ecryb: Welcome to the Vine newbie! Unfortunately there's a thread for newcomers and leavers of the Vine already though you can set up an Ask thread on here for questions that can be asked of you. Welcome to the Vine, hope you enjoy your stay! :P

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Welcome. Enjoy you stay :)

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Cliché welcome!! If you enjoy writing/RPG'ing may I advise the RPG forum? (im slightly recruiting here XD)

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Welcome to comic vine!