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Any Heavy Metal readers/fans out there ? I have never followed the book - but it's piqued my interest lately. I know it has a rich history - and quite the publication run. That's no small feat for any magazine regardless as to what's being written in it. Anyhow, anyone with opinions on the matter are welcome to chime in.

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Hey there, Grey56, nice to meet you. I've dipped in and out of Heavy Metal for years and have always loved it. It's always felt like a more adult, European version of 2000 AD to me (which i also love). Not really sure what you want to know about it, but feel free to ask away.

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Oh hi thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm not sure where to begin however I suppose with how it flows as a periodical; does it have running monthly sections, are all the stories told within linear, can they be read sequentially or is it more of an episodic occurrence whereby the author finishes a chapter when they can and then it is submitted...? Any and all information and discussion is welcome at this point. Thank you again !

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Heavy Metal was where I discovered Druuna.

Wow! Do I like Druuna!

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@PowerHerc: Can't say that I blame that idea.

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@Grey56: Well, Heavy Metal (actually originally called Metal Hurlant but changed for American distribution) was European based and is generally more self contained, like a sci-fi version of Eerie or something like that, rather than an ongoing title like 2000 AD. It is definitely sci fi based, with a heavy focus on women with extremely large breast and men who look like socks filled with walnuts with a heavy erotica vibe a lot of the time. Heavy Metal is currently owned by Kevin Eastman who is one of hte co-creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some of the stories are absolutely amazing and others are big boobed fodder for teens (which many would obviously think are amazing too ;P).

If nothing much has changed then i believe it still comes out bi-monthly and over it life has featured creators such as Milo Manara, Richard Corben, HR Giger, Archie Goodwin, Simon Bisley, Walter Simonson, Harlan Ellison, William S Burroughs, Guido Crepax and Moebius. The quality can vary wildly from story to story and issue to issue, but i've always found it pretty much worth the risk. There are also two Heavy Metal movies if you haven't found out about them yet.

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@feebadger: Oh wow, Eastman owns a portion of it ? Now that I find intriguing. I had known that it had included some rather illustrious names throughout the industry during its long publication - but not all of those you listed. I had also a hunch that it was more of a sci-fi version to Eerie/Creepy which the wife reads and enjoys. A heavy dose of erotica is obvious from the cover art generally though I don't mind the eye candy upon occasion.

I had thought I remembered watching the original film when a teen - but that's been some years now. Have you been reading any issues of late ?