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Please, share your stories of desperation and heroism.

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I picked up a little Sato from Puerto Rico. I named him "Rico."

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Yes a baby pit bull that was left on the streets, I took it in, it was scared of everything until I toughened her up until she became a boss :)

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I rescued her from LA animal shelter when she was 4 months old( she is boxer and german sheffard mix), i didn't really wanted to adopt a baby puppy cause they would more likely find home anyway, she had having a lot of self confidence issues she was just scaring from everyone i don't know what they do to her for her to be that much scaring from humans but after a couple months gained her self confidence and happy status. Now we are a really good couple!

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Kore: My parents and my sister found her in a abandoned terrain near the market and brought her home. Now she is petted and spoiled like there is no tomorrow.

Altair: I found him in the garage in front of my house. I don't know how he lasted out there but I took him under my care :)

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Yup, a cat.

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Two kittens

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I saved a baby bird once.

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Ah! i was hoping there would be some interesting personal stories about pet rescue.. maybe its coming in soon..

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One time a puppy was hanging by her/his neck. She/He got stuck on a chair and I don't know how. The poor thing was screaming for help and her/his siblings surrounded her/him parking.

My cousin saw and yelled, "Oh my God She's hanging by her neck." Everyone panic but me. It was pure instinct.

I ran outside and helped her/him to get free. Every guy inside was like, "Well, I didn't really hear what she said." Or said some other explanation why they stood behind.

Besides that I have a history of feeding strays and taking care of them until someone comes to claim them.

If we didn't have room we'd call the pound. One time a lil pup ran away when we went inside for more food.

That's it though.


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Around 2 AM of July 28th, 2012, my dad was out smoking in our backyard with the dogs out. Now, our yard has a barb wire fence surrounding the perimeter but behind it is a road that leads to the woods and schools. Zooming straight by was a black SUV that threw a little kitten out of the window. If I had to guess, he was maybe a few weeks old then. Dad couldn't see it was a cat at first since it was so dark but he heard meows. Then, he went into our shed and grabbed a flashlight. Kitten saw and ran over to chase the light. Dad managed to pull the cat through the barb wire fence holes.

I woke up around 9 AM and went outside to our screen porch to greet everyone. Now, our front door, a few inches above the door knob there's a a squared glass window so I saw the young cat sitting on our ramp (my brother's handicapped so we have a ramp built-in for when he comes over). Opened the front door with an uncontrollable smile to see the cat leap off the ramp and rub his head against my leg. Sitting on a chair was my mom drinking coffee and she just knew right away I wanted the cat.

Since then, my youngest cat Zorro has become one of my best friends. I have two other cats Smokey and Oreo along with a hedgehog named Sega that Zorro gets along with. Zorro doesn't have any physical injuries but he still hates being held. I don't know if he remembers his fall but he completely flips when anyone holds him. Besides that though, I love him very much. He's a very curious and playful cat who usually hangs out by my side. He loves to watch me play video games and the piano. Although, I gotta be careful because sometimes he tries jumping on the keys.

He really is a great cat though. I don't know his actual Birthday but I consider it to be July 28th, 2012 since he was fairly young when I got him and I practically raised him.

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I saved a stag from drowning once

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@jonny_anonymous: =D They look very majestic. You did a good deed with that. My dad who also helped save my cat Zorro, one time saved a horse that was stuck in a fence nearby a road. There's quite a bit of farms where I live so it's fairly common to see cattle, horses and goats.

@marlboroman: Now that is a very beautiful dog. I hope to get a dog eventually. I have three cats and a hedgehog while parents have two dogs so they'd get mad if I bring another pet home. xD

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@samimista: Yea a few years back me and some friends went to throw rocks in to the river that's at the bottom of my village, since it always freezes over during the winter it's fun to brake up the ice and stuff but when we got there there was a stag in the river with it's head just above the water, it was trying to get out but it's antlers were all tangled up in the branches, so I jumped in and waded over and unhooked it. I was crapping my self the whole time because I thought it was ether going to kick me in the nuts or spike me with it's horns but once it was free it just climbed out shook it's self off and just walked away as if to say "dude, I had it"

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@jonny_anonymous: Hehe! xD It was a tough stag then. I don't think we have stag where I live but we do have boar, black bear and turkey vultures as well. My brother and I didn't even know it but we were hiking miles into a park that has wild boars. 0.0 Didn't know until our other brother mentioned it when we got back home. xD Animals are the best though. I think they deserve a bit more credit than what we give them with how they can sense human emotions and etc.

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I've rescued a couple of turtles, 2 birds and a dog in my neighborhood.

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Yeah.. A little sparrow, which grew up and flew away, A hurt pigeon which got better and flew away, a parrot which got better and flew away.. so on with a couple of birds.

And a huge lot of puppies.

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When my goat had two kids, she would only feed the male and wouldn't let the female anywhere near her. I thought that would change, but it didn't. The poor baby girl was near certain death when i began feeding her cow's milk from a baby bottle. She could barely drink at first, but after a few days of my mother and myself taking turns caring for her, she began to drink better and started getting her strength back. Within a couple of weeks she was just as healthy looking as her brother.

The funny thing is she only grew to be about 1/3 as big as her brother, about as big an average house cat. Maybe her mother realized there was something wrong with her, and that's why she wouldn't feed her. She was probably my favorite animal we ever had. She looked forever like a baby goat (look it up, there is nothing cuter-not even kittens) and would jump in my lap like a cat. Her little horns never grew any bigger than 1/2 an inch. To this day I'm still proud of what I did for her.

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mainly snails.

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@russellmania77: I love pits. 3 of my 4 are "bully breeds", one that is mostly pit.

@dragonborn_ct: @marlboroman: Beautiful kids!

And good on all the people that chose to act when an animal was in need. So many people don't.

I am a kennel manager and Humane Police Officer (trained on the job, waiting to be sworn in) and I can tell you first hand that you are regrettably in the minority.

Keep doing what you do, all of you. If you were here I would buy you a beer. Or a soda if you are not legal yet.

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@patzello: Thanks, man :D

Its unfortunate not many people have empathy toward animals out there...

I keep the soda, not really into beer at all.

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I automatically thought about something like this before entering this thread.

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Our dog Gemini we got at our church. She was left there with some food and water and was taken in to our Sunday school room with us. She just kept lying down on our laps and staying close to us. We ended up taking her home and keeping her after some tough talks with my dad.

This is her now.

Then after her we...well, actually, the only animals we've bought that have been with us since really were our cats.

Well, one of 'em anyway.

The other ones we got are two Rotties that came from next door...

Our snake was kind of a gift as her original owner couldn't keep her or something...

And just recently my dad found a box of abandoned kittens out in the desert and took them home. We are keeping two of them.

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My dog my family's had for the past ten years is a rescue. She was abandoned by her owners, left chained up in their backyard.

My mom took her in, got her cleaned up, and took her to the vet. The rest is history.

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I've never pulled a dog out of a burning building or anything but I did take in two stray kittens.

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Once and magpie landed in a thorny/prickly bush and was stuck. I saved it from hell.

Once a stray cat followed me home, so we kept it for several months before we found the owner.

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Maybe. My old dog came to our doorstep and was really afraid of leashes and was in a bad way when we got her. So we think she could have been abused but we never found her original owner so we can't say for sure.

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When I was little our next door neighbour had a puppy he would beat and yell at. She was so badly traumatised that her fur would fall out and she would shake and pee whenever a man went near her. One day my dad went round there, threatened him and took the dog. Guy never came to get it back. We had her for fifteen years, and she was the an absolute sweetheart.

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I rescued a ladybug drowning in my pool.