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Yes, all the time. My dog legit speaks back to me.

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waaaaaay too many times

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Yeah always talking to them, always have

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I say things to my dog quite a lot, but have a whole conversation with him? No. That's kinda creepy.

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no i just eat em

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My dog knows all my secrets

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No, but I have conversations with myself in my mind sometimes, and one of my personas is a Dog-Person.

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All the time my husky is a good lisnter and has good advice.

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That would be the biggest reason I have pets. My dogs are good listeners.

Not like my neighbor's dog. He never seems to shut up about "the sinners" and how I should "punish them".

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Sure. I had my dog for 16 years, from the time I was 3 up until I was 19, and I treated her like my best friend. I grew up talking to her and it just became a natural habit.

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Yup. When you've had more than 17 cats and they're your closest friends, your gonna talk to em too.

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