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Did you like it. What is everybodies opinon. I have been on a classic 80's 90's action kick for most of the summer and I just bought this one and am not totally sure where I stand on it. I wanna hear everyone elses opinon.

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Seen it. A good movie too. Not as good as Over the Top though.

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I remember seeing it... it's been a while though.
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yah i agree with IfDCRuledTheWorld, over the top is better. i liked Arnie's films of the 80s and 90s more tho. Commando, Total recall, Running man, Conan the Barbarian, Predator, The Terminator... .. . . dig old jackie chan films, action plus!

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sorry dude but no d-_-b

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I have seen it when I was a kid. 

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Seen it when i was a child and enjoyed it a the time, but i'm sure today i'll laugh.

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I enjoyed it...it was werid because it was trying to be serious and at the same time campy.