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For those who are some hours ahead of us. Just wanted to wish the people of the north a happy canada day and may you evening be filled with lots of colorful explosions. preferably the safe kind.

For those who aren’t canadian. How will you be spending you day?

I for one will celebrate by reading over my alpha flight issues. Thanks Canada for giving us alpha flight. but please take back Celine Dion. We don't want her.

Want to take the time to bone up on canada in the world of comics? check out This page and visit this list to see some of the more notorious canadian heroes.

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Yeah, that's right. It's Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians.

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happy canada day /my birthday!

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Canada's the best!

@soa: Happy Birthday!

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Ill go buy some of that ultra expensive imported Canadian maple syrup to honor the occasion!

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I'm not Canadian but hope to visit there someday along with the UK to visit friends. So Happy Canada Day! =D David Hayter's even from there. ^__^ Hope you guys have a great one.

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Not Canadian but Happy Canada Day! :)

@soa Happy Birthday! :)

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Happy Canada Day

Also where the fck is @lykopis when you need her >.<

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Canada stinks.

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