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WOO. A very very happy and stupendous birthday to the majestic Vine of Wilditude. A quick learner, hard worker, and devoted friend.

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*Wipes tears from eyes, but resists urge to cry on fuchsia's shoulder *

Happy Birthday @wildvine. Don't speak to you as often as some others on here (shame on me), but from what I've seen, I can't disagree with what Fuch and JoyGirlz has said.

Oh and my Birthday Present? I won't derail this thread >:-D.

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Happy Birthday WV! :D

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Happy birthday.


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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday Wilds! I play around an awful lot and stuff, but today you just should know that you are one of the most special people on this site for reasons I cannot even put into words, you're kind, funny and even know how to talk that smack when somebody pisses you off. Awesome - You don't need me to write loads and loads as that's not my style but you know I think you're amazing and awesomeness personified! Have a wonderful today :)

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Happy Birthday Wildvine !!! Now go enjoy your cake before i do :D

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Happy Birthday!

I don't speak to you that much but you are a truly creative and nice person. You are easy going and always take the time to read my fan fics. Your DC Zombies idea was also the thing that finally got to me start writing and sharing my stories on here (I am not done with my story for that either) So thank you! Keep it up. And enjoy your day :)

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@wildvine: Feliz aniversário xD

Sending my regards from Brazil, may you have a great party and many more years ahead for you!!!

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Heh happy birthday Wildvine!!! Have a fun filled day!! I hope you enjoy your birthday!!! :)

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Happy Birthday!!!

(Yes, three exclamation points are totally necessary).

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Happy Birthday to one of the most spectacular writers on the Vine! May everyone treat you like royalty because today is your day. Hope you have a great one girl because it's very well deserved.

Not exactly the best artist but figured that it's the thought that counts. =D

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Happy Birthday

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To the sweetest peach on the vine. ^_^

Thank you for the thread BB. I love the kitties. So kawaii! And you have one of my fave songs. This is just the best birthday thread ever. Thank you thank you thank you! *Cheek kiss*


Aw, Joy. That means so much coming from you. Cause you don't just toss cookies to everyone. Thank you. Also thank you for the comics. <3


Don't talk to me as much? Well we need to fix that! I love getting to know people, and Joygirl will tell you I don't bite unless I'm really hungry.


I think I know you.....Hm. Thank you for the kind wishes. ^_^


Thank you sir.


Wow. You really weren't kidding about that Alice stuff. Okay. ^_^ I like that nickname. And yet another pic for my collection! Thank you!!


Thank you!


I won't say this is the nicest thing you have ever said to me, cause you do sprinkle nice comments over our conversations on a regular basis. And those do add up. Anyway...thank you for your nice words. I send them all back at you with extra. You are an awesome pal.


Thank you sir. *Offers cake*


We really must chat more sir. Thank you for your comments. I was hoping you would continue your DC Zombies series.




Thank you.


I trust you to know the proper amount of exclamation points. ^_^



Princess Sunshine! Thank you. You are too sweet. And I love my gifts. Waay better then I can draw. Thank you again bb.


Hey you! Thank you for stopping by. You were one of my first friends here on CV, and I appreciate your friendship. Thank you for the comment. Love the AV btw.

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Happy Birthday Wildvine!

Happy Birthday WV! You are one of the kindest, sweetest, nicest people I have ever had opportunity to know and talk to, its an honor to celebrate you on your special day, I hope you have an extra special day, but not in the sense that like I want all the other days of the week to not be special, those should be awesome days too. Wait now I am confused. Heh heh, anyway, your a spectacular person, with so much creativity, and depth, and you have amazing taste in fictional characters and movies!! Thank you for making this site cool, and for looking out for people and being a great friend to many, not just myself. Its not much but I drew you something meep, I done it online which I am not so good at, its erm Princess Bubblegum, Cassie Hack and Poison Ivy, I know you like those characters so uhm. Was actually really hard trying to draw Ivy and Cassie in Adventure Time style. I wanted to try and do a steampunk style cake with little gears but it ended up looking inedible so. Sorry its funky looking, but effort that counts right. Lastly again, hope you have a wonderful day, take care and have fun!!

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Thank you! I was wondering where my old Vinersaur peeps were.


Thank you. That is actually my preferred way to eat cake. ^_^


Essy! Thank you dear one. You always write the nicest things. Also some the smartest posts on the vine. I love the picture. Its wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the effort.

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Happy Birthday! I'll make a ritual sacrifice in your honor.

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*Sings a very off-key and mildly profane version of 'Happy Birthday'*

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It's pretty hard to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a person who from the moment I met them has shown me the best of what friendship means...

...a person who would reach out and simply remind me she was there, always when I tried to hide my tears, always when I needed a kind shoulder to lean on whether I knew it or not.

It takes a special kind of person who understands friendship comes without condition, where support and understanding are there for the taking...

..because it's needed. Always and without question.

I like birthdays for this reason -- a chance to express my gratitude and appreciation for those in my life who have given me nothing but happiness and companionship and comfort. They are forced to accept this "calling out" -- this blatant and seemingly over-the-top expression of friendship and just take it. So take it, Wildvine. TAKE IT HARD. (heh heh)

Happy Birthday, Wildvine. I can point out what others have already and mention everything you have done for this site -- your fan fictions -- your exhaustive work on the fan fiction library -- your encouragement of others to share their talents as you have and your fun attitude and cleverness on the forums which always brings a smile to our faces but instead, I wanted to focus on what you mean to me.

And that is, you are one of my most precious and deeply loved friends who I hope has the most wonderful birthday ever. Thank you for being my friend.

(oh -- just a little extra cuz...you know.)

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@wildvine: Aw your welcome dear I hope you have a great one! =D You're one of the best members here. ^__^

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Happy birthday xD Hope you have a great one

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@wildvine: Happy B-Day! Celebrate with a laugh!

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Happy birthday. May God bless you in all the days of your life.

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@wildvine: Hey Birthday Girl! I got an email from Lucca (DPR). He sends his Birthday wishes to you and hopes you have a good one. He's been very busy with studies. Hopefully you're partying with Harley and Pinkie Pie tonight! =D

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@lykopis: As awesome as that was, me and God_Spawn were still INB4 U............

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@laflux said:

@lykopis: As awesome as that was, me and God_Spawn were still INB4 U............

Whatevs -- I saw that but unlike YOU -- I will not derail this thread (like you promised you wouldn't....)


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@wildvineI am so, so sorry this is late, petal <3

I have been trying to send you this all evening, but our net has been on and off and it's hard to stay on for long enough so if you can read this - YES, it finally worked! ^_^

I have some stuff here for you, and fingers crossed tomorrow we will be back up and running so I can get it to you. But I couldn't go to bed tonight without wishing you the very happiest of birthdays. Just couldn't. You are an amazing friend and a brilliant writer, with such intelligence, wit and talent that at times I am genuinely in awe of you. You're also an incredibly strong woman, who doesn't take crap and gives it as good as she gets it. Yet underneath all that is a very tender, generous and poetic soul, a girl whose love for her friends is apparent to all who know her. It is an honour to call you my sis, WV, I love you to bits.

I wish this was more, and it will be, but for now I just wanted you to know how dear you are, not just to me but to so many people here.

Happy Birthday missus <3 <3 <3

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Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day!

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WV, yours was the first birthday I've actually had a heads-up for to put on my calendar, and I still almost missed it :(

Operative word: almost.

But it's a Thursday, and, well...

I hope your day was fantastic, with or without the liquid courage (some was had in your honor regardless!), that some friend or story or song of which you're particularly fond was able to make it stand head and shoulders above the rest, and that your next year takes you awesome places you've never been before.

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Happy birthday. :D

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Well, someone pointed this out to me. So i had to return from seclusion to wish you a happy birthday! (Hopefully not too late!). You're an amazing person, funny and kind and you deserve the best birthday! I hope you have a great time!!! ^_^


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Happy Birthday mamacita, I hope you had an amazing time. ♥

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Happy Birthday and best wishes to you.

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Thank you! I guess I'm officially a member of the raccoon clan now.


What can I say in response to that Ms Trouble? That was just so sweet. I don't know who you were talking about, but she seems pretty cool. Lol. Seriously though, thank you for this. The pictures went perfectly with your sentiments. Love you Lyko! *Hug*


Either you knew I love Star Wars, or else you just thought it was a cool card. Thank you either way. ^_^


Another fave of mine. Spongebob. I'm starting to think you guys know me too well. Heheh.


Used to watch that show a lot. Thank you sir.


Thank you.


Please tell DpR that me, Harley, Pinkie Pie, and the Cookie Monster partied till Deadpool crashed us. It was almost dawn anyway. : P


Aw Bumpy! Its okay. I know you're busier now then you used to be, and assumed your new responsibilities had detained you. No matter. I knew you would get to me when you could, and you did. ^_^

Thank you Sissy. You have made this the best day after the birthday ever. Heheh.

But as far as my talent goes, I'm just trying to catch up to your level. You only posted one story, but its one of the best to ever grace the vine.


Thank you sir knight. ^_^


Thank you Mr Decpticon---I mean, Mr Director. :P


Almost only counts in hand grenades sir. Wait, that doesn't fit this situation....Oh well.

Excellent comic scan though. Apros in all regards.


Oh. My. Gosh! I squeed so hard. I love it. Its like a My little pony, but its a giraffe. Love it!!!!

Thank you so much dear. This was totally a surprise. <3


I hope its free. Shouldn't have to pay for my own present...


Hey you! Nah, never too late for you. Thanks for coming back ever so briefly for me.


Thank you doll. 'Preciate it. ^_^


Thank you sir.

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@wildvine: It was both reasons actually, I noticed you like Star Wars and I thought it was a cool card. xD

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@wildvine: You're very welcome. Glad you like it. ^_^