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So, it's almost Halloween, and it's time to carve pumpkins.
I never tried carving a pumpkin before (born and raised in Denmark, we don't celebrate halloween here) but this year, I told myself I would...
So, I'm trying to find a good stencil of anything geeky - so far I've found a pretty awesome Autobot/Decepticon stencil, but I feel it's probably silly to make..
What will you be carving?

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I havent seen a Jack O Lantern in ages
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None are actually mine... as i don't do that stuff lol 
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those are pretty cool
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We don't have Halloween here but those look very good.

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@Methos: A Death Star Jack O Lantern! 
What about a Green Lantern Jack O Lantern...tehe.
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You should get a few scabby pumpkins to practise on first Deih.

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That Death Star one is BRILLIANT!
@JayUK - you're just jealous because you know I'll be ace at carving *tongue*

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Just attempted to carve one last night with my roommate. I'll post it later

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Pumpkin Pie comes to mind...