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A rather short review of WWE's newest game.


WWE 13 is the latest in the line of wrestling games from WWE. The game is a huge mix of the Attitude Era and the Modern Era wrestlers. Not much more really needs to be said lol.


The gameplay is like any other wrestling game. You beat your opponent up and make them submit, pin, put through a table, escape a cage etc depending on the match type. The grapples are the same as the last 2 games with a new added feature of the limb targeting system. More matches and moves have been added to movesets and match types for a bigger variety. The crowds react, different commentators talk on about the match and different superstars etc.


The Attitude Era mode. The attitude era mode is just awesome and basically replaces the only storyline aspect of the game. It is just a really big concept and adds a fresh feel to the game with so many matches and things to unlock (I believe over 100 unlockables)) reliving the good ole days of wrestling.

Huge Roster- The big roster grants access to the attitude era and new superstars for dream matches and whatifs that could only be found in a video game. It lets you mix the best of both worlds and I love that part.

Toned up graphics.- The graphics are a bit smoother.

Universe Mode- Universe mode is largely customizable now and adds different stories and forms new feuds that end at different parts and add movie clips to the feuds featuring your superstars, created or not. You can create arenas, PPV's, different shows, delete shows, and just take charge of a largely accessible style of gameplay.

Create a Superstar- They just add more features to choose from when making your own characters.


  • Camera angles- There is a new set of angles they do are sometimes irritating.
  • Crowd Sound Clips- The audio samples suck tbh. I've won matches with a face (good guy) character and the crowd sounds dead or starts a small cheer but sounds like they are booing.
  • Commentary- The commentary can also get pretty bland fast as the announcers sound like they are just kind of reading from cue cards.
  • Glitches- LOTS of glitches in this game and I will say it is frustrating. Some moves glitch limbs in weird, gumby, like movements. Some moves that should end matches (like certain submissions) like Daniel Bryan's cattle mutilation hold will cause a superstar to tap but then the ref kind of glitches in and out of place then reappears and the match is still continuing. Characters bleed way too fast and in highlight clips and replays, some of them will drip blood but not have cuts on their faces while others will.
  • Lack of 2 counts- Very rarely is there a 2 count in matches. This one is one of my biggest gripes. It may not sound like much, but because of it, it just seems hard to have the matches tell a story. And while it is a video game, that's what wrestling is, telling stories. You hit a finisher on a guy and it's like "Aw yeah, I win. He's battered up and everything." Then boom, kicks out at one. It just kind of takes away a lot of suspense for me in the matches.
  • Stagnant- Once you kind of take away all the suspense and awesomeness that is the Attitude Era mode, you begin to realize the game tends to blend and become stale. While it seems ironic with the versatility, you realize with all the bugs and everything that it becomes just versatility while being stale. You don't really end up doing much more and by having the game not have that match suspense like "aw yeah, beat this guy" and then the computer kicks out at two and then you get all beat up and it becomes a crunch time kind of deal which wrestling games SHOULD have.

Rating: 7.3/10

The game is good. I The Attitude Era and versatility of the game is awesome and it is really cool as a long time wrestling fan to interact with both eras from my childhood and what kind of era I am going into now. What kills the game is the glitches. It is a very good wrestling game and WWE 13 picked up and fixed some issues from the previous games but it has created new ones and hasn't fixed some of the old ones like limbs moving in weird directions which I know has dated back for me all the way to SVR 09, so awhile. Once outside of the story mode, the matches themselves can't really tell stories and the gameplay just blends together which makes you end up either getting bored. Once WWE14 rolls around, I really hope they can fix some of these long standing issues and bring back the two count. Other than that, the game is solid. If you are a wrestling fan, I recommend it but just play at your own pace. Don't over due it cause then a lot of the underlying problems become apparent and just tends to spoil the gameplay.

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@god_spawn: Excellent review as always, sir! :D

You have a PS3, right?

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@Xanni15: Thank you, and yessir.

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Would you say nostalgia influences how much you enjoy this game?

Would you recommend it to someone who doesn't know anything about wrestling?

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@Decoy Elite: Nope. I'm actually frustrated with the game right now myself.

And I would. It's a fun beat'em up game and not too hard to learn.

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I've heard great things about this game. Good review!

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@Strafe Prower: Thanks and it's a good renter. Once you finish Attitude Era (which was pretty addicting) stuff tends to slow down and like I said, the underlying problems become apparent and it just kinda frustrates you. I wish I could have scored it higher but I felt it wasn't right when there are as many bugs in it and the matches lose story like purposes.

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@god_spawn: I was thinking about purchasing it for the Attitude Era wrestlers it involved. Miss most of those guys.

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@Strafe Prower: Go for it. That section of the game is what makes it.

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Great review, I kind of went off wrestling games. My main draw to them use to be creating obscure wrestlers for dream match ups and feuds but I am too lazy to go through all that now, which is ironic because it sounds like this game includes a lot of wrestlers I use to spend time trying to create to wrestle with modern roster.

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I always find that each new game tries to "improve" the graphics when there is nothing to improve.

It's like video-game developers do it to overcompensate for lack of intensive gameplay.

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Agreed !