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Another animal vs animal thread. Pretty self explainatory. Thet fight in a shallow creek.


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I'm going with the bear

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If Hippos can live in crocodile infested waters, they can handle dealing with a Grizzly Bear, one bite and it's over. Seriously, have you seen their teeth?

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@racob7: wow, your quick

well, I know Hippos are deadly and everything, But bears are designed as predators

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Aren't Hippo's Omniveres since one has eaten a man whole recently?

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Idk... Lol I was just looking at the you vs hippopotamus thread and hippos have thick hides. Bears don't play though... They get their money son! I would prolly put my money on hippo

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Hippo should take this. I believe they are considered the deadliest animal in africa or something like that. They are extremely aggressive, large enough to hold its own against damn near anything and have thick hide. I'm not sure how strong their bite is but im pretty sure if it gets its mouth around a grizzly its over.

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the bear doesn't stand a chance against the hippo.

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Hungry Hungry Hippo !

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Grizzly. They're huge and they have a lot more mobility and their claws give them range.

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it came to mind sorry

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Hippo, bears don't fight on water

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Hippos kill more humans that lions, can make one men into two half of one man with one single bite.

I like bears more, but this is a battle the bear cant win.

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Hippo's win extremely easily. They can weigh up to two tons. A 4,000 lb animal versus animal that at it's biggest barely gets over a thousand. Hippo's are the third largest land animal. They have very thick hides and can take down lions, sometimes multiple numbers at once. Honestly this is a huge freaking mismatch. The bear gets destroyed, land or water. Hippo's are faster than you might realize on land.

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Hippo, those fatties don't play.

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Hippo's, not only do they weight 4 times as much, but a grown polar bear (larger then a grizzly) cant penetrate the skin of a walrus, and a hippo got thicker skin then that, meanwhile one good chomp from the hippo breaks any bear in half.

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Hippo, but its scarred

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Switch grizzly to polar bear and this could be interesting.

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Hippo slays

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