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What Gaming trilogy is the best? I'll put some options out for you guys.

Mass Effect Trilogy (1,2,3)

Halo Trilogy (1,2,3)

Ezio Trilogy (II,Brotherhood, Revelations)

Fallout Trilogy (1,2,3)

Gears of War Trilogy (1,2,3)

Prince of Persia Trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones)

Super Smash Bros Trilogy (1, Melee, Brawl)

Metroid Prime Trilogy (1, Echoes, Corruption)

Killzone Trilogy (1,2,3)

Uncharted Trilogy (1,2,3)

There's probably more trilogies out there, (i'm sure of it) so tell me, which trilogy is your favorite overall?

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Out of that list? Super Smash Bros, they incorporated a lot of Nintendo characters nicely and done well.

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It's between the Mass Effect Trilogy and the Fallout Trilogy for me.

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No not just my list, I was just noting some options. Any gaming trilogy counts!

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I'd go with Uncharted

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Uncharted, not even a competition.

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Mass Effect

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mass effect or ninja gaiden

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Street Fighter>All of them

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I have only played "Prince of Persia Trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones)" and I am still in love with these games.

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Hard to say, really.

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@Static Shock said:

Hard to say, really.

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Still waiting for AC3 to come out and call it the best game trilogy ever.

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Then, eventually, Borderlands

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Mass Effect.

Only thing I hated was the Mako.

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Gotta go with Mass Effect.

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You can't really compare them to each other very easily.

SSB is my favorite, but I wouldn't say it's the best nor would I say any others are the best.

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Mass Effect

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@guttridgeb said:

Mass Effect

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:


Course it's

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Personally, i gota go with Mass Effect. Though, i think that Halo puts a pretty good fight; and i thin that once ACIII is out, that ME might lose its place as best trilogy

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I'm a fan of Uncharted personally

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Mass Effect

Assassins Creed




God of War

If Darksider and The Batman Games make their third game then them too (Darksider most likely will, Batman IDK)


I can't think of anymore right now


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Supposedly they're doing a prequel to Batman. I'd bet eventually they will.

Darksiders 3 depends on how well the second one sells; and i don't know how well its sold

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Metal Gear

Final Fantasy

Double Dragon

My pics

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Difficult question. I would have decided on the Mass Effect trilogy if the third wasn't a mediocre video game.

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Mass Effect...and the third was awesome!!!!!!

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Assassins Creed


Ninja Gaiden

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Easily Halo for me

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Mass Effect even with the ending of 3 :)