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Sittin' here watchin' the debate, and a question popped into my head that I think would be fun to discuss.  Who's the greatest Democrat, and the greatest Republican, in U.S. history?

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ummm in my opinion for the democrats is JFK for the republican i say Ronald Reagan

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One of the greatest dem's. In my opinion is Bill Clinton.

Republican? Dunno

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None of them.

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Well I would say John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton for the Democrats...

I dont have any real favorite Republicans though... maybe Arnold Scwartzenegger

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Democrats: FDR

Republicans: Lincoln

Independents: George Washington

Without a doubt.
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Well, here aremy choices:

Democrat: Jefferson.  The Democratic party can be traced back to him.  While maybe not as true a Democrat as some moderns, he was nonetheless a liberal, and the greatest man the Democratic Party's lineage has produced... IMO.

Republican: Thaddeus Stevens