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Which movies that are highly regarded do you not like?

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Avatar. Liked it at first, but then after thinking on it I realized it was just another bull crap film about the evils of capitalism. If I wanted to hear more about how capitalism is evil, I'd move to Cuba.

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There Will Be Blood was an awful movie, though DDL dominated it.

The Godfather Trilogy sucked in my opinion.

Citizen Kane was a boring movie.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Apocalypse Now

A Clockwork Orange

Pulp Ficton


Pretty much most of the movies listed as being among the greatest of all time by the majority of people, mainly older ones.

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District 9

Looks like i have a problem with the number 9 lol

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The Matrix

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Big Lebowski. Yeah, I said it, ya potheads.

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The Artist - It was nominated best movie of 2011, but I find it boring :P

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I can name you movies I absolutely abhor... Until you ask a question like this. Then, my mind goes blank.

How dare you ask me a direct question, thus overloading my simple mind!

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2001: A Space Odyssey.

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  • Citizen Kane. I'll never understand what people see in it. And yes, before you judge me, I have taken a Film Appreciation class, and I had to BS my way through a paper about it. I'm allowed to hate it.
  • Casa Blanca. Didn't like that one either.
  • Gone with the Wind. Boring.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'd be absolutely ok with never sitting through this movie again.
  • A Clockwork Orange. It's not that I didn't like it, I just don't think it's as great as everyone makes it out to be.
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Most John Carpenter movies.

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All Western movies  Avatar Lord of the Rings trilogy 2001: A Space Odyssey Rocky Horror Picture Show ( a truly horrible film)  
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God Father and God Father II