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I recently saw Marilyn Manson and Slayer play here, and it was CRAZY. I also saw Blue October, and am looking forward to see All That Remains and Psychostick in December. Any bands in specific you've seen live that you wish you could experience again?

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Switchfoot and Reliant K, were purely AMAZING

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Oasis, Eminiem, Snoop.

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I saw Switchfoot years ago when they opened for delirious (my favourite band) at Brixton Academy. I saw Foo Fighters last year at Hyde Park. They were supported by Motorhead and others.

This is the gig:

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Gambler says:

"Oasis, Eminiem, Snoop."

man you're old :P

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Aerosmith, Billy Talent

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chameleone says:

"Switchfoot and Reliant K, were purely AMAZING"

Why is Switchfoot still touring? Hasn't it been like a year and a half since they released their last album?

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U2... pink... JT... even neil diamond :)

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Our Lady Peace. Awesome show. I got to go on the stage, yeah!

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Gogol Bordello was my favorite performance ever.

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Sum 41, Rush, John Mayer, The Killers, Pearl jam, The killers (again), finger eleven, Sum 41 (again), Hot Hot heat, tegan & Sarah.

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seen way too many bands to list here but these are the best live shows in my opinion : marilyn manson, rob zombie, pantera, eminem & cold.