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Is the game really that bad as people say it is?

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No, it's not as bad as most what most people say. Scores like 3 or 4.5 are just rubbish and the reviewers should be fired on the spot. Personally, it's at least a 7.5 for me but I'm only on the third chapter of Leon's story which is the first one I started off with.

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What is so bad about this game?

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@wario1988 said:

What is so bad about this game?

Its because RE is no longer a horror game, but a third person action game. I didn't mind this at all and I had a blast playing it. Its a really good game on its own merits and not terrible as most people say.

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I'd give the game a solid B. The controls are a little lacking and the game slightly suffers from multiple disorder syndrome but any fan of Resident Evil should check it out.

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I love the Resident Evil series, but like mentioned it isn't really scary anymore. I mean they take on these huge freakin monsters with handguns, so what is a room full of zombies? I really hope the next game focuses on the less used and younger Resident evil characters and try to blend the third person shooter with the old school horror elements. I would say use Piers and Sheva, but that won't be happening (;_;)

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I gave it a B or 4/5. A lot of people are complaining because its so different from what the series originally was. It had gone from survival horror to action with a little bit of horror mixed in.